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Thread: [Movies] Disney's Frozen

  1. Default Disney's Frozen

    Looking at this audience, it's actually absolutely weird we don't have a thread on this yet.

    It's out already, obviously, and has been since Thanksgiving.
    I absolutely loved it. Hands down wins my #1 spot as Best Disney Princess Movie ever, shoving tangled out of that spot.

    It has one of the best songs since the Lion King. Tangled had When Will My Life Begin, Mother Knows Best and I've got a Dream, but frankly, Let It Go, both the song and the scene blow those out of the water.

    Youtube video

    Actual Scene Video (More spoilery)

    My only real con for this movie was that some of the singing was just unnecessary, but thankfully weren't belabored to death and it didn't continue a theme through the whole movie.

    Spoilerific points;


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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I'm totally interested on this movie... sadly my bf doesnt want to go with me to watch it... and we've watched the croods, turbo, WiRalp, between other cartoon movies... well its a princess movie after all...

  3. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I think it has enough action in it to satisfy him. A friend of mine took her three boys to it and they enjoyed it to their father's horror.

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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I really enjoyed Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. (and of course all the old-school disney films too).
    This one looks great, and I'll get around to watching it eventually.

    And oooh, Idina Menzel. I forgot she was in it.

  5. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I didn't watch it in 3D, but I will say it was worth watching on the Big Screen for this one scene alone if nothing else.

  6. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    Hm, I wasn't even thinking of watching this till it got on tv but if it's better than tangled I may give it a thought, I wonder if the 3D is good since so far from the 3D movies I've watched the only one with good 3D was epic(most of the time it's between not noticiable and being annoying).

  7. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    There wasn't a lot of obvious intended for 3D stuff, but I suspect some it would gain some "wow" factor like Epic had in 3D.

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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I've no complaints about Tangled, so I shouldn't judge this movie without seeing it yet.
    However, there just seems to be a lack of something to draw me into it :/

    It could be in part that there is an abundance of 3D animated movies and I could really go for something more traditional.

  9. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    Perhaps this link may be able to explain your fatigue of 3D animated movies?

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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    Ok this thread made me want to watch this film, and I was feeling depressed and wanted a Disney pick-me-up. So I watched it.

    Absolutely brilliant, loved it just as much as I loved Tangled. The songs were great, the story was excellent, and it REALLY reminded me of Wicked. (partly because of Elsa being voiced by Idina Menzel, but also because the songs sounded very similar).
    Very Spoilerific

    Loved it, loved it, loved it.
    Definitely going to be recommending this one to my mother.

  11. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    How did I not see this thread earlier
    IMO, the start wasn't exactly good, but as the movie went on, it went better and better.

    And that plot twist how did I not see thattt

  12. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    See, that's why I am amazed no one had made this thread yet. I think everyone is ignoring it expect a cheap holiday "meh" and missing out on how truly awesome it is and that it really is an any-season-movie with no holiday or even winter theme at all.

  13. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    Watched on release day with some friends after school and I also loved the heck out of it! Right up in second place after Tangled (I loved the characters more in this one).

    Music was fantastic, Let It Go was amazing. Personally my favorite part of the movie was For the First time in Forever Reprise edition and the scene that came with it, absolutely fantastic!
    Heavyish spoiler video bad quality edition:

    Would recommend if you liked Tangled!

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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    The early trailers for it didn't help at all, I think. They focused far too much on the comedy, especially the early teaser with Olaf and Sven, which really seemed too similar to Ice Age. When I first saw the trailers and teasers for this film, It was instantly forgettable. It wasn't until much, much later that I even had an inkling that the film would be more than I was expecting.

    Honestly I completely forgot about the film after dismissing it, until I saw this thread.

  15. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I watched it in the first place as a recommendation from my lil bro, who has watched it before me (dammit).

  16. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    There's plenty of action in this movie for boys even though it's a princess movie. I just really like that...


    Also, who thought it was interesting that they all had dutch/german names? I was wondering what the reason was for that. Weselton, Sven, Olaf, Hans, Kristoff, Ana, Elsa...

  17. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    It an homage to the original, in more understandable but ethnically identifiable names -

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    Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I wish you'd posted this two weeks ago.
    Made me want to see it, but it turns out the movie was only shown here for a week or two while schools were out for Hannuah, and is now gone.
    Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD release.

  19. Default Re: Disney's Frozen

    I haven't seen the film yet, but I do love Disney films, so I'm going to try and watch it soon.

    And as far as the whole "princess movie" description goes, if girls can watch all the guy flicks out there and enjoy them, I think we guys can handle a few films that star princesses. Disney's fairy tale adaptations aren't nearly as girly as people make them out to be, and there's nothing wrong with watching "girly" films anyway. All that matters is if the film is good or not.



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