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    What is Chrono?
    Chrono is the remake of the guild Invincible (both led by Silverstar). With the beginning of Chrono in 2010, we started off very small, but eventually grew into a big guild with people who trained, socialized, and important of all bossed every day.

    This is what Chrono used to be, and ever since unleashed patch, things started to go downhill with the overall population in maple declining, people going there own ways, and people becoming more individualistic. That being said, we know every guild is in this current state; therefore, it will require a new approach to keep players interested and adapt to this new maple environment.

    However, with the Red patch, it seems to have slightly improved, but not as good as it used to be. So this will call for reorganization.
    So for the people who knew Chrono for what it was, it will be improved and that is how we will enter 2014 and continue as one of the leading guilds.
    Our focus is to attract players who are decently funded - very funded players that went astray due to unleashed. With reorganizing the guild it will become self sustaining.

    As mentioned, Chrono used to do all types of bosses with huge parties, but since this game no longer promotes big boss runs, we will be focusing on how we organize boss runs within the guild.
    Even if you still like to solo for the most part, and do other bosses that arenít mentioned below (w/ people or not), you guys are still more than welcomed to joined and do what you guys want to as well.

    Bossing Concepts
    With chaos root abyss, Magnus, Gollux, and Empress remaining as the most profitable bosses, many of us will be focusing mostly on these bosses now. Since these boss runs only allow up to 6 people, the guild will serve as a platform where people can easily make teams and defeat these bosses.

    Why is this good?
    -Decent funded players can now easily team up with guild members in an instant and take down a boss to make instant profit
    -Remove any issues with trying to find people to do these bosses with
    -Going with your people in your guild will lead to a team that can eventually go on a scheduled basis, therefore saving time spent on maple.
    -Great way to meet new players and friends!

    Training has become more individualistic if you are regular trainer at Golems. However, with Red, more people have started to go back and train at HoH. That being said, the guild will help as a platform to get parties going instantly, and without having to go adding randoms who end up leaving.

    Socializing is key to this game, it is the backbone. Online socializing is the reason why some players have not quit completely. Even if you donít like to train or boss, we would very much like to invite people who are extroverts, to keep the guild lively.
    This being said, drama can easily occur, but will be strictly enforced to make sure nothing goes to far. Even topics like sex, race, politics, are allowed, as long as no one gets hurt, and everyone itís all good. Players who instigate, two-faced, and are rude for no reason will be restricted from joining.

    We know that Unleashed has left many players stranded, left in guilds that are dead or close to dying. Our goal is to get out of this plague, and establish new grounds and implement our new approach of creating a self sustaining guild that will make your experience better, easier, and a fun one.
    This is just the beginning, all ideas are welcomed. So feel free to check us out!

    Already in a guild?

    No problem, you can still join us on our one party organized boss runs, or training, etc. This is the beginning of something new that not many guilds arenít doing, and this is defiantly worth trying. Doesnít hurt to try! :D
    The end goal is to have a guild that can create teams within the guild that run on a scheduled basis, and a guild that can still come together when needed for example a new boss run ( that allows more than 6 players to go) or even party quests, quests, and new contents.

    This is very open ended, but based on reading everything mentioned above, you know if this guild is right for you or not. We trust that you can make that judgment for yourself, instead of us creating a set of requirements. Players who want to join, just leave a name down below, and we will contact you. One thing we only require is that you are somewhat active.

    P.S. At the moment Magnus does not drop anything and Chaos Root Abyss is closed off, but we can first start off with Cygnus Empress and Gollux.



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