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  1. Default Link Skill System

    I don't really know if this is good enough to become "discussion material", but I thought it deserved some kind of discussion to it anyway.

    So, the Link Skill system...

    As of now, it works, roughly, like this:

    1. You level up a character that can give a link skill;
    2. Once you reach a certain level, you're able to share that link skill with a single character in the same account in which the link skill character was created;
    3. You can change which character receives the link skill once per day;
    4. You have to log in each and every single one of your link skill characters if you want to move all of your link skills around.

    As it is, this is very good for people who only use one or two main characters per account, but it certainly is more of a pain in the ass than anything else for people who have multiple "mains".

    And due to this stupid system of having only a single beneficiary of the link skills per day, it discourages people to start using more "mains" and practically requires people to stay with a single or only a few characters forever.

    I think this is kind of stupid on Nexon's part because if the system actually motivated people to have more than one "main" character, that'd mean that they'd potentially have more things to do in game with multiple characters: more equips to scroll, quests to finish, events to participate in... hell, even more NX for cubing/aesthetic reasons.

    So why, and I mean WHY THE pineapple, does the link skill system work AGAINST that? If anything, it's a slap in the face of anyone who wants to have more than two "main" characters to play with.

    I think that if the link skill system worked like the character card system, things would be so much better.

  2. Default Re: Link Skill System

    link skills should be like blessing of the fairy.

  3. Default Re: Link Skill System

    I agree completely. I think the limit on Link Skills is nice, because it forces you to make careful decisions on which skills would benefit certain classes, and Link Skills are quite more potent than character card buffs. However, I would like to have multiple characters benefit from the Link Skills. It's such a pineappleing pain in the ass to switch between characters and re-assign each individual skill. I'm positive that something will change in the future, because people are just going to grow more and more tired of the system.

  4. Default Re: Link Skill System

    It doesn't affect me since I have only one main, but I do see your point. Not everyone wants to play the same "main" character for the whole day, if I'm reading this right.

  5. Default Re: Link Skill System

    It's such a silly system, especially the part where you must log in to each character to re-assign a Link Skill.

    I don't see the harm in making the Link Skill system more like the Character Card system, where it affects every character in that particular world.

  6. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Yeah, they really should just apply to everyone without limit. Can't get everyone playing the new classes if there's no incentive to do so. And there's no reason to really limit them to one character per day, or even limit them at all. (lol characters with their own Link Skills getting to have 13 of them.)

    But if they really MUST limit them, then why not give EVERY class a Link Skill so our choices are actually more meaningful? Mihile's would actually be useful for some classes if it didn't take up a slot for something of more combat value.

  7. Default Re: Link Skill System

    after all, only one person is going to benefit from it at a time.

  8. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Frankly, it wasn't affecting me that much either. All of my link skills were on my Shad, with which I was doing events like attendance or trying out the new content etc.

    But with the RED revamp, I was so excited to train with other characters... and so I did with my DrK at first but now that I have to re-assign all of my link skills to my NL, I just lost all of my motivation.

    Actually, I decided to make this topic instead of continuing with the cycle of login-world-character-pin-wait-linkskill-logoff, which I stopped halfway through.

    Maybe if the login system was more like how, let's say, Ragnarok's is, changing characters wouldn't be such a burden and it would lessen considerably the boredom it is to change characters in this game. (in Ragnarok when you logoff you go straight to the character selection screen: you're literally two clicks away from relogging with a different character).

  9. Default Re: Link Skill System

    I dont care that it can only be switched once a day, I can find enough stuff to do on one character in a day that it doesn't matter. Just please let me switch the link skills without having to log onto each character to do it.

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    Default Re: Link Skill System

    I love Link Skills, I think they are a very cool reward for experimenting with different classes, and I find them one of the most exciting parts of a new character being released, because even if you don't particularly like the new character, your favourite and "main" character is still gaining something from it.

    I agree with others like Liquidswing though, the system can be a massive pain, especially in regards to having to log in to 12 different characters to move over link skills. that is completely unnecessary and could be avoided.

    I can live with the daily limit, but if they removed it, I certainly wouldn't complain.

  11. Default Re: Link Skill System

    When I came back and saw that the link skill system got a new UI I thought "oh nice now you can change around without having to relog each time" how wrong I was but I don't get why they didn't do that once they added that new UI, I mean the UI screams link skill arranging system not some cluttered place to have them because moving the beginner skill side scroller was so hard.

  12. Default Re: Link Skill System

    yeah its such a pain e.e

  13. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Wouldn't the "you can switch characters without logging out" thing solve this qualm, though?

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    Default Re: Link Skill System

    Didn't KMS get an update to let them switch links without relogging?

  15. Default Re: Link Skill System


  16. Default Re: Link Skill System

    They added a new UI, and we already have it. This UI would be PERFECT to administrate your link skills. Except all it does is being a window with all your current link skills. You still have to login on every mule to assign them. No idea how this new UI was useful.

    Current method: Inconvenience players by logging on and off many times.

    Ideal method: Exactly the same benefits, without making you waste time. They're applied to everyone in the account.

  17. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Really pretty sure that's not at all whatsoever in any way what he was talking about.

    The point was to eliminate clutter on beginner skill tab. New skill tab UI didn't have proper space for the change character button had it not existed either.


  18. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Clutter? In the beginner skill tab?

    I guess you also agree with Nexon on saying NX clothes shouldn't be permanent because they would clutter our inventories, pshhh...

    I only made mention of it because this thread has come many times in the past. Actually before the link skill UI, I was suggesting a screen on the login pretty much like the cards one, where you could assign your link skills without loggin in on multiple characters a day. After that thread, the link skill UI came out, I was excited. I only found out when it came to GMS that you couldn't actually manage your link skills on any character, and all it did was being an "anti-clutter" measure. Funny thing is, I never saw anyone peachin' about the begginer tab being cluttered.

  19. Default Re: Link Skill System

    If they didn't want clutter on the skill tab, why stop at only link skills? What about Decent skills, pet skills, obtainables, etc?

  20. Default Re: Link Skill System

    Switching one by one is so bad I've only ever done it once in my maple-history.



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