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    I started reading and I found this funny is all:

    And then there's this...


    Another level cap increase before 5th job?

    I don't think that's as big of an issue as they might think.

    Interesting. Glad to see some new 160+ content as well.

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    I am excited and scared at the same time. I am diving in now...

    Just add a "Simplified Tooltip" Hotkey and then add Soul Weapons. Not a good reason AT ALL not to include them.


    I suppose that will be nice, but will we ever be able to fuse without NX?

    It will work out well, because it's what we have wanted ALL ALONG.

    Increase the cube drop rate. Do they even realize just how many cubes it actually takes to get something to the rank and stats that you want? One cube every ten bosses is so useless, even if they are regular cubes. Also, make them easier to craft. Jesus.

    BULL pineappleING pomegranate


    It was nice reading the responses from the team, and seeing the thought processes behind their choices. I wish some answers weren't so vague, but at least this is a small step towards transparency. Cheers, Nexon. Ya did good (I think)

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    Nebulite Boxes will become available in the NLC NPC shop sometime after January.


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    "Nebulite Boxes will become available in the NLC NPC shop sometime after January."


    Yes, frustration totally describes my feelings of having to pay you to use my items the way i want perfectly.

    Making items untradeable doesn't prevent hacks. You really think hackers aren't going to hack accounts if they know a majority of things on it are untradeable? Of course, they aren't going to hack accounts if they know everything is item locked, which is a huge f'ucking difference.

    Making the game balanced was the only answer you needed, but having to pay you has nothing to do with balance. If you wanted balance, making everything account shareable would have more than sufficed.

    Also, if the reason for it was to remain profitable as a business, what the hell is the problem with being honest about it? It's the truth isn't it?
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    BULL pomegranate.
    Keep rare items safe from moving it to one of my other characters?!

    More like never.

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    Wow never expected answers to the questions. Most of the answers are not bad either, better than the usual bullpomegranate they used to give.

    It seems like there will be some interesting changes coming next year looks pretty good.

    Ninja Castle revamp/return, hopefully better pets, easier access to nebulites. Improvement of non KMS content. Old Masteria back, possible JETT rebalance, no more nx books for Evan. Nice.

    lol who ever complained about that

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    Wow, it seems like they actually tried. Most of the responses seem positive to the general public.
    I laughed so hard at the Costumer Support guy though, his responses sound exactly the same as automated responses to tickets.

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    I am glad to hear that Ninja Castle is returning.
    Hopefully they don't pineapple it up too badly.

    I miss the jump quest and finding toads.

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    Though it's not a promise, I couldn't help but feel hopeful when the question about hair/face style coupons came up. Still reading.

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    You can get Bs without NX. Cs are already a very significant boost. The NX fusing system is actually VERY fair. For 120-150m start up cost and only 500 nx + 60-80m per retry you could possibly get an item worth 9x-45x that much.

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    "Why can't non-NX items be shared across all characters in an account? Why are so many items untradeable or tradeable only with a Sharing Tag or Scissors of Karma? If I earned an item, I think I should be allowed to trade it between characters on my account."

    "Rare items are not tradable so as to keep the game balanced. Also, trade is limited to prevent hacks or accidental trades. While we understand this may be frustrating, this system was designed to keep your rare items safe."

    Actually, you could protect your items using Item Guard (which was bought using mesos before they changed it). The real point of untradeable items is to create revenue for Nexon, but okay.

    "[ITEMS] Why aren't decorative Cash items permanent, like in KMS?"

    "Making decorative items permanent may inconvenience players due to the lack of inventory space allowed for storing those types of items. However, in the future we will be hosting promotions that will allow you to purchase permanent decorative items."

    Again, it's to create revenue.

    "[ITEMS] The Nebulite Box drop rate is pretty abysmal. Nebulites seemed to be a good way for all players to become stronger when they first came out, but now they're very rare because they almost never drop. Can you increase the drop rate for the boxes or add more ways to get them?"

    "Nebulite Boxes will become available in the NLC NPC shop sometime after January."

    This interests me greatly.

    "[SYSTEMS/ OPTIONS] The word filter is way too strict. In addition to making the filter less strict, can you either have a toggle option to turn it on or off on my own client, or improve the system so it doesn't censor parts of normal words?"

    "The word filter has been updated in the RED update, and we are working to make it even better in the future."

    You can't say party or event. That's going to be difficult to work around.

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    Very disappointed at the responses to the untradeable items/permanent NX item questions. No one is concerned about running out of NX inventory space as a result of having too many permanent NX items... and we can use the meso item guards to keep our untradeable items safe if they were made tradeable, we don't need you restricting them in order to do that.

    Looks like they spent a lot of time doing this though and I appreciate the effort they went to. Looks like they have a good patch planned for January/February ('early next year'), a lot of the things listed are supposedly being adjusted then.

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    I concur. Within 10 Fusion Tickets I can usually get two 21% PDR nebulites or a Decent Sharp Eyes nebulite. The trick to getting your money's worth is buying the useless A nebulites as cheaply as you can.

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    Rolled my eyes so hard at this. Did they forget that Safety Guards at the cost of mesos exist?


    Even if someone runs out of space, I wouldn't put it past Nexon to release a "Expand your Cash shop tab!" coupon via NX means either.

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    Wut.. was it really that problematic to learn? I'd be happy if at the very least they fixed our Equlibrium Mode.. e.g. lower cooldown on Light/Dark switch to 30~45 seconds or so, cus y'know, it doesn't take even a min to switch in KMS.

    Remove "% chance to ignore XX damage too" & such please, cus they're sure as hell are not useful.

    Good fix, but I don't think obtaining them only via a single box via RNG is a good idea due to how many Nebs there are. I was thinking maybe something like how Master Glyph shops work in TERA. Have a single Neb rank, but have it so that you can either buy RNG Neb boxes for a random one, or buy a Neb of your choice at higher costs via boss ETC.
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    I rather look forward to these update(s) that are coming early next year. Shame the new cubes are so infrequently dropped, though. I've done 8 Zakums and 6 Krexels on my Xenon, and only gotten 1 cube, which was on my first Zak. The Cubic Shards used for crafting cubes seem rather rare as well.

    Seems they're finally taking more steps forward than backwards. In some areas, anyway.

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    Remind me again exactly which bosses were "rollbacked" in RED?

    Funny that every "Login/Disconnection" response just keeps saying it's on our end and not theirs. "Either your computer / internet connection / etc is clearly the problem with Maple crashing."

    Most of their answers made me really disappointed. They either gave half-assed answers or they dodged the main point of the question entirely.

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    The question doesn't even ask to make the items totally tradeable just account tradeable which means the answer is just plain stupid.

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    Chaos Pink Bean, I think?
    That's the only one I know of though.. if it was even changed.



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