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  1. Default The best way to make money?

    Hi, i am new at this forum.
    First of all, i was training and leveling my char, but i know at high levels i will need a lots of money so...

    Which is the way to makes more money training?

    Thx all :D

  2. Default Re: The best way to make money?

    Getting lucky. Making money is impossible to do well while also training well.

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    Default Re: The best way to make money?

    And that's what he meant.
    Mobs you can train on don't drop anything valuable.
    If you want to make meso you have to spend a lot of time (or real-world money, but I assume that's not what you mean) doing things like crafting and merching.
    "fast meso" is not possible, for the simple economic reason that if there was a way to make a lot of meso easily, everyone would use it, and meso would become even more worthless than they already are.

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    Fast mesos are easy if you're willing to spend money.

    If you're not willing to spend money, look up certain items online and find out where they're dropped :) Use a x2 drop coupon and farm there for a couple of hours.

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    Default Re: The best way to make money?

    RED coin service, Gollux scroll service, bossing that's probably too hard for you since you asked this question.

    That's all I can think of.

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    Pay attention to new events, new features, new areas, new items, and think about what the rich and lazy would be willing to pay lots of moolah for that isn't a crazy amount of effort to farm or make.
    It usually pays to get in fast and early, before others realize whats profitable and before stuff deflates, and maybe before Nexon nerfs whatever drop rate, or floods the market with the same item from Gachapon or Nx boxes.
    As an example, if you farmed Gollux green coins for the first couple weeks before Nexon nerfed it, you could have gotten the lvl 150 ring and earring and sold them for billions (assuming of course you didn't desire them for yourself). Now, not so easy.

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    Get advantage of events.. for example, last event (red preview: red box) I made mad profit 'cause I got: Trixter Assasin Pant, No-boom AEE, No boom 2star AEE, many rank A nebulites, many usefull chairs (shinso, rainy fox, harp) :P

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    buy meso or bot 24/7 for rare drops or do boss runs or buy nx.

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    The most effective (fastest and time-efficient) way of making mesos in game is actually to just spend NX. With how NX:meso conversion rates are in-game, you would make more working a minimum wage job and just buying NX with your paycheck as opposed to actually trying to build up your mesos through whatever methods are available in-game.

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    It's sad but so true...



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