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  1. Default Urgent- RLH closing date

    Hey guys.

    Due to the rollback, I lost most of my progress on my totems.

    So i need clarification on the points.

    Does RLH close out today at midnight, or tomorrow at midnight?

    If I leave my kanna in there, does she get moved out?

    If I still have tickets in my ivt and my kanna doesnt get moved out, can I still do runs for coins?

    Will the trade npc still be there if the above is true?

    Thanks everyone. If it really ends tonight...well I'm pineappleed xD

  2. Default Re: Urgent- RLH closing date

    Fast answers: I'd say it stays in, but even if you go in, the quest to get the skill might be disabled because of day limit. However, it's safe to assume the event ends tomorrow, not tonight.

    Good luck!

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    Oh thank god. Redoing all my runs on a undergeared kanna is not fun. Plus I had to finish up two other characters that also got reset.

    Thanks so much <3


    Only thing I'm worried about is that every wednesday they do cs changes, which means they'll take out tickets tomorow, which leads me to believe tat they will close it down tonight =S

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    Default Re: Urgent- RLH closing date

    Just in case buy your tickets and park your character inside. They dont remove rlh they just take out the npc. They need a patch to remove an area

  5. Default Re: Urgent- RLH closing date

    I'm assuming you are talking about the npc in towns =0

    If so then its fine. Even if it means I don't get the skill, I'm fine with that as long as I get the totems.

    Thanks for the insurance you two!~



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