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Thread: [KMST] KMST 1.2.493 - Eunwol (I)

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    Eunwol (I)
    Eunwol (II)
    Eunwol (III)
    Eunwol (IV)

    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Character (Changed)

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    So I've tried for like 10 minutes to post the Mob changes here to no avail so I'm going to just post it here later.

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    If you don't mind the Korean/not so great layout, you can see the mob changes here.

    Dream Manipulator girl? Her name is Lucid so it might make sense lol. She shows up in EunWol's tutorial, maybe she's the reason why everyone forgets him. :O

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    MS is getting real good graphics wise imo.
    Everything just reminds me so much of Avatar TLOK, I don't think I'll pass on this class.
    /* */

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    I thought the same thing when I saw the skill effects Shadow posted. I very much look forward to Eunwol.

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    Literally foxfire with fish. Also the attack they appear to carry through all 4 jobs looks very similar to Haunting too. Awaiting translations.

  9. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
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    From what Max posted on his blog, I'd say about 3 skills work exactly the same as Kanna's.

    The final attack-type fox spirit move, which works like Monkey Spirits.
    The 3 chained-hit attacks like you mentioned are very much like Shikigami Haunting, but they hit more enemies.
    That skill does resemble Foxfire both visually and in its use.

    That's about it though, every other skill is completely different.

    Like what Chilly posted yesterday in the other thread, I'm surprised that Nexon hasn't brought over Kanna's unique mechanics, like Kishin Shoukan and Bellflower Barrier and applied it to a new class. I've been expecting a day when Kanna will be overshadowed by a KMS MONSTER of a class with everything that Kanna can do and more, but it is not happening yet!
    Anyway, I love the set effect changes on normal item sets, like the level 90 Thief Set. It's something I've wondered about them doing for a long time, and it actually gives people incentive to use full outfits, which is nice.

    Eunwol gets 80% passive Boss Damage from his skills, which is fairly mad.

    The link skill seems interesting:
    I wonder if it would block one-hit KO attacks?

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    It would be great if it stayed this pretty, yet kept the quality and fluidity of the older animations.

    Zero was Hayato-ish too, but they weren't that similar in the end.

    Then again, Zero was extremely special to begin with. Eunwol's just your average new class (I think).

    Dat 1050px backwards range tho.

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    That link skill is so awesome. And the changes to mob hp/xp and the inner ability are also nice!

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    If that doesn't cut it, for EunWol specifically, then their Heaven's Door clone, Summon Redemption, would suffice, every three minutes. That's a pretty big deal by itself. But as a Link Skill, I don't think I can justify the sacrifice of any of my existing Link Skills for its 10% activation.

    I'm not sure if your were referencing Kanna specifically but beside the Heaven's Door clone, their Hyper, Spirit Transformation, appears to be a better version (by being invincible and appearing to have better range) of the I/L Lightning Sphere which itself used to be lumped in with other eight second keydowns like Rolling Rainbow, which is currently detrimental and highly situational, so meh. Of course there are the obligatory "drag" and FA attacks, but a lot of other classes have those too.

    The class not only gets a lot of Boss Damage, but in general it has a boatload of passive stats and debuffs.

    Lastly, I've always enjoyed 100% Stance classes, so this will be a fun class when making it a mule.

  14. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

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    Yeah, I was referring to Kanna specificially, since some of us were expecting Eunwol to be a reskin of her. As it stands, only those 3 skills are like Kanna's skills at all. The other skills are probably similar to other classes skills, because that always happens.

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    Wooooooooow what are those eye accesories? and how can I get one? the look so cool F555!!

    OT: I like this class, so colorful *w* and flashy

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    Mehh, still waiting for Weapon Speed link skill, although I won't be holding my breath...

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    The only thing that Eunwol's attacks have in common with Kanna's Shikigami Haunting is that they chain together. This concept was already reused Kaiser, and it originated in Demon Slayer, and an almost identical effect from Aran.
    Enwol's is significantly different in that each job level, the skill is just vastly different. First job has two skills that have two pieces. Second job has one skill with two parts. Third job has 3 parts, but the final hit is extremely slow in comparison. Fourth job has 4 parts and it's looking to be really fast.

    I'll be back in four or five hours to start translation work. Maybe even work on %/s

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    So, this new change to Combo Tempest makes it useless for training at Kritias and stil OK for SH/HoH... Why do I feell that the only skills left to Aran are Drain and OS O.o?. Pretty much everything else is kinda useless (except Combo Unlimited + FB but it's only for high pdr bosses and in it's situational). Also Good bye to my Visitors PQ solos :( .

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    Bossing Skill

    Mobbing Skill

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    Wait, Dream Manipulator Girl? As in, the Commander we got to know about after the Future Perion Quests?!

    I just realized that this 'Mobbing Skill' has got serval ones. Does this mean that it's one skill that chains?

    Also Phantom called, he wants his tornado back.



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