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  1. Basic0 A few questions about Zero.

    Does anyone know their weapon multipliers? If not any info on how I should go about calculating them when we get it in GMS?

    When you get to 160+ do the quests still reward you with good(20%+ ) exp?

    At the same level range and upwards how much % on average do you get from a dungeon?

    Can you Safety/Guardian/Innocence your wep/weapons? One successful scroll = working on both weps right?

    The inactive Zero's wep acts as a secondary for the active correct?

    And do you get a damage bonus from tagging outside of the ones you get from their passives stacking?

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    1. I haven't actually played Zero myself but from what I've heard the quests are good until they end. 20% from one quest seems unlikely though, that's an insane amount.
    2. No idea
    3. I THINK you need to scroll them separately, but I'm not sure.
    4. Yes, the inactive weapon acts as a secondary, and the potential on the weapons is the same so you essentially only have to cube one thing to get a good main weapon and secondary. This does have the downside of being unable to switch between mobbing and bossing weapons.
    5. Well, the switched-out Zero attacks alongside you for 3 seconds after the tag (which also is the cooldown on tagging). I believe the best DPS is tagging every 3 seconds/as soon as possible, to constantly have two 'attackers' out.

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    It's been a really long time since. I don't know if anyone actually tested what the weapon multipliers were. I want to say that the multiplier for Long Swords was the same as 1H swords, 1.3x, but I'm not 100% sure. Great Swords might have been higher, or they were the same, can't recall.

    At around 160~170+ leveling becomes a lot slower. The quests give a large chunk of exp but there's notably fewer to complete. It's really just about picking the highest level dungeon you have access to and running it as fast as possible when you don't have any quests left. I can't recall if they were party play zones, but having another person on the map would help clearing faster, so getting another Zero, or some class would help, though I believe the coins inside are fair play for anyone to loot.
    At 170, I have a screenshot showing just around 7m EXP per clear on the last dungeon. I believe the actual mobs inside, if you clear them all (on 1x), was around 3~4m? so about 10m per clear if I remember correctly. At 140 I believe, you have access to the Kritias dungeon which better exp than a regular dungeon, but you can only buy 3 tickets a day. It's also difficult if you don't actually meet the level requirement.

    One scroll is applied to both weapons. Not sure what happens when you try something that can destroy it.

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    I think Spadow said something about you getting the wep again but at the base form. Guess that means the lv 100 one and you have to upgrade again.

    I'll have to link you the video after I find it but when Forad posted his/her actual own zero Beta's range was higher by a good margin. Still not sure how effective that 50 watt over Alpha's mastery factored in at that point.

    In the description he has his stats and the range of each.
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    Just did a test
    Alpha's Long Sword is ~1.32x
    Beta's Great Sword is ~1.45x

    Had some cards on when I tried this so it may be a little off.

    My Beta's range is barely over 60k, and my Alpha is at 47k. 1810 STR 400 DEX, 387 ATK and 333 ATK respectively. 40% Total Damage.

    Lapis and Lazuli only have a 4 ATK difference, and Beta gets 50 more from Mastery, so unless you have WATK% potential, their attack difference will always be 54.

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    Couldn't chaos scrolling the weapons possibly give different attack, or would they get the same effect from the scroll?

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    As far as I'm aware, regardless of what you do to them they get the same result. Options and Potential are always the same. Is GMS getting Options for these weapons, since it's one of the options (NO PUN INTENDED) that you have to spend your Weapon Points on? Because that's a big damage difference.

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    From the sounds of it, no we are not ever getting additional options. Curious if they'll simply let us reset bonus potential instead of additional options with WP. Doubt that'd ever happen though. Do you know if Legendary regular potential was ever confirmed to be resettable with WP?

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    Sorry, I have no idea.

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    If you do 8's before the passive bonuses and after 10 stars its like 308 and 319. Might be off a bit, was tired when I did that, and thanks man. Didnt have my laptop for a week so i was away.



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