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  1. Default Shadower body count

    hey, where do i see the shadower's body count? i keep seeing it affecting skills in description but where do i see it in action, like aran combo you can see the number and such..
    btw.. assassinate, the main attack, does it really suck or there's some catch? i mean, it only attacks a single enemy.


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    assassinate is your 1v1 attack, boomerang step is your mob attack

    also the killpoint count shows up on the top right

    you need shadower instinct though

  3. Default Re: Shadower body count can't be serious.

  4. Default Re: Shadower body count

    doesn't it show up as red orbs above your character? or did they switch it in RED...

    haven't played my shadower in several months.

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    Shadower's Body Count shows up as a little number + the Shadower Instinct icon in the top right corner, where your buffs go. You charge it up by using attacks (1 Meso Explosion is enough to charge it from 0>5, since each individual hit of Meso Explosion counts as 1 Body Count, but every attack will charge it) and it is reset when you use either Shadower Instinct (this buff gains more ATT the higher your Body Count is, so wait til it's charged to 5 before you cast SI), or Assassinate (similarly, Assassinate is powered up with more body count, so the higher your count gets the more damage Assassinate will do).

    Assassinate is very strong for single target, you should only be using it on bosses though, it has no use when training.

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    Wow... I kind of liked the red orbs, they were kinda cool :(

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    Well thanks alot it's really informative, for some reason i remembered in my head there's no boomerang step [I just leveled to 100 yesteday], so boomerang step is my main training attack i assume, and if i get it right you should do SI -> ME or fill body count other way -> SI again to get max results.. [was sily enough not to spend point in SI since i only thought it adds 1 attack (mastery's better) ].



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