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Thread: It's Saturday.

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    Default It's Saturday.

    It's actually Sunday but whatever.

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    Default Re: It's Saturday.

    It took me more than halfway into the video to realize that chick was Rebecca Black.

  3. Default Re: It's Saturday.

    Owl City meets Miley Cyrus

  4. Default Re: It's Saturday.

    I brought a barf bag just in case, but looks like I didn't need to use it. This song was actually decent, compared to the last one. And the fact that she added some of the things from the first video as jokes in this one was kind cool(gotta have my bowl yo).

    It's good to know she didn't stop singing and cry in a corner for the rest of her life after that first song, because this one is multiple times better than the first, haha.

    YouTube agrees too, the like bar is over half instead of 3/4s dislike this time.



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