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  1. Default Paladin's 20000 DEF: Does it work?

    Seriously, does this work? Even with all five charges my Paladin still has only 9999 DEF and M.DEF. Even when I use Iron Body (+400 DEF) or Parashock Guard (-20% DEF), I don't notice any differences.

    Am I missing something?

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    Defense is capped at 9999, don't know if they ever intend on changing that since paladins been hitting that cap for a few years now.

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    Paladins gained a skill in RED that should increase the defense cap, but it doesn't show any increase. Tekkun's asking if the actual damage reduction does work and that the visual cap's just not moving.

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    I haven't really done any extensive testing, but just standing around at Warrior Grounds, I take about 69x~9xx damage from their magic attack with no charges, and it seems to lower to 5xx~7xx with all 5 charges (possibly unnecessary, I doubt I have that much more than 9999 MDEF). The 9999 DEF/MDEF cap could possibly just be visual.

    If damage reduction from DEF is still calculated as it was during Big Bang, then the jump from 9999 (~50%) to 19999 (~71%) DEF/MDEF would result in you taking ~72% less damage.

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    I think my W.DEF should total to like 13k (it was somewhere around 11k before the Shield Mastery buff in RED), and I take (almost?) the same damage with and without charges, with and without Iron Body/Parashock Guard. That's why I'm thinking it doesn't work. But I do seem to take slightly less damage than pre-RED, even though I no longer have Power Guard.

    I'm asking because I might put a point in Hyper W.DEF (rather than Hyper DEX) if it works but maybe that's not a very good idea anyway.

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    Its definitely another of of the numerous bugs in this patch and it is not working. As you can see in the KMS RED screenshot its supposed to show the 20,000 defense cap for both physical and magic defense in the stat window.

    Please everyone send in a ticket to Nexon about this and complain to Nexon about it here in this Nexon bug report thread:

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    Ugh I also wish we had the (base+bonus) info like KMS... I know my Paladin has almost exactly 9999 wdef with ~1200 STR and the -20% def buff active - like, 9974 or something - but no idea how much it has with fully equipped ~3000 STR. Maybe 18000?

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    I made a new thread about this bug here. For some reason the grammar of the old thread really bugs me.


    Upon further investigation, it does seem to be a visual bug. I got some DEF gear and tested with 18k DEF, and I take like 500 less damage compared to if I only have 10k.

    It's odd, I did not expect DEF to scale that way. Raising DEF from 3k to 10k reduces my damage taken from 3000 to 1000, but raising it from 10k to 18k only reduces it from 1000 to 500.

    EDIT2: So I checked the BB formula thread, and it seems like DEF past 10k only affects PDDPercentage and not PDDRounded or something like that? Because I'm still taking damage from ToT monsters with 18k DEF and that's kind of odd.
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    =3 glad I could help inspire more testing. btw, I think pally have too much def! seems unneeded. but SOOOOO fun xD.

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