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  1. Default North Pole Neighbors

    Just wondering if the +80 ATT buff from these stacks with everything or does it get cancelled by other buffs?

    I got it from the surprise box thing yesterday.

  2. Default Re: North Pole Neighbors

    I'm going to assume it does stack with other buffs, but I don't know for certain. I used one earlier and it stacked with the free potions you get every 30 minutes, as well as my own buffs.

  3. Default Re: North Pole Neighbors

    I got a pack of those too

    hmmm maybe I can S> service?

  4. Default Re: North Pole Neighbors

    Cool, my only worry really is Karma, that doesn't stack with other buffs until the DB revamp, and I wouldn't want to cancel 80 ATT for 30 =/ happens with Onyx Apples and Gelt Chocolates far too often

    @ManxDrk; could do if you can find people that'd buy it xD +80 ATT is a lot for these buffs, the ones in the Cash Shop only add +30 ATT



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