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  1. Default Ranked Matchmaking Update

    Pretty cool that they finally release it but i don't think it's a feature i'll be using.
    Or rather i'll be Q'ing for this because i'm a tryhard but i don't actually care about seeing my ranking.

  2. Default Re: Ranked Matchmaking Update

    No more stomps? :D
    I think I've stomped in 6 out of my last 8 games, 1 I was stomped. Last night I was playing one that seemed balanced but I dc/d :(

  3. Default Re: Ranked Matchmaking Update

    It's just a 50% chance to win.
    The system can't predict if the players are having a bad game/day or if they're going to be picking heroes that help the team or if they're doing 5 carries.

    I think it's impossible to make a system where stomps don't happen when 10 different people are matched up with eachother, too many variables.

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    Default Re: Ranked Matchmaking Update

    >Ranked MMR in my DoTAs.



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