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    I don't think they actually released them, but I do believe that they once said that they were giving them emblems in a future patch. That might be something I made up, though.

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    They don't have them currently nor in KMS i believe.

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    I think all classes got an emblem slot in RED. There is a common emblem coming in Kritias, so if Cygs had an emblem slot they could use that one.

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    Kritias Shop

    Kritias doesn't give an emblem o_0 "unless i'm blind but i'm pretty sure there aren't"
    The only way to get an Emblem in KMS as a Non-Adventurer and Non-Nova Class is to get one from Boss Arena.
    "I've only seen Koreans Smega Boss Arena Emblems and none of this so called Kritias Emblem o_0"

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    The level 140 Adventurer emblem was released in another RED update or?



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