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  1. Default Fastest explorer to 130

    Someone had to ask it.

    I'm all up for burning things with a F/P, but how fast are them really? Who is a better mobber and leveler?
    Aiming for that sweet ring, of course.

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    My first instinct is to go with a Dragon Knight Berserker (). La Mancha Spear + Evo World sounds epic.

    Marksmen could be good too with that lightning all-direction mob attack in 3rd job, plus they hit ridiculous numbers with like no funding so...

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    Bowmen sound great with hookshoot (still hyped about that). If you haven't tried it yet, it essentially flings you from mob to mob and lets you FIRE while moving *-*

    Also Paladin's get access to their charge-attacks at second job (Fire and Ice) so they might be good.

    Also I got on my newly revamped F/P and the gameplay felt a lot clunkier than what it was like pre-R.E.D. It feels harder to stack up DoT to get a max'd out mist eruption but thats probably just me having no idea what I'm doing.

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    I'm going with Ice/Lightning Mage.
    They have the best AoE of the mages and teleport is the best mobility option, imo.
    Those two factors are pretty much all that matters in a straight grind.

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    The fact you can't get the ring multiple times on an account makes me so sad tho :'(

  6. Default Re: Fastest explorer to 130

    If your doing this for the ALL 4 One event, Im actually making classes that are fun and could be used as buff mules. Paladin (because I like them and CO), Bishop (derp), and idk about the 3rd.

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    What is this ring, can anyone shed some light for me? and its requirements?

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    Screenshot of ring stats

    Requirements are that you start a new explorer and get it to level 70 (for the weaker untradable version of the ring) and then to 130 to exchange it for this one.

    Note that although it doesn't mention it on the ring itself, you can only transfer it through storage once.

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    Ah, thanks, must've overlooked it in the patch notes.

    Now to decide whether its worth getting for that extra crit%

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    I can get to level 70 in a blink, but after that I'm kinda slowing down. Where do you guys get to 130 in 1-2 days?

  11. Neutron

    IGN: shootDaFokUp
    Server: Scania
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: BlackRose

    Default Re: Fastest explorer to 130

    MPE 70+
    Evo World 100+
    Segoku High when u feel like this should be a day!

  12. Default Re: Fastest explorer to 130

    On my I/L I did this:

    1-8: Beginner quests. (job advance hops you directly to 10)
    10-30: Those starfish and jellyfish things near Nautilus.
    30-40: Luster Pixies at "Cloud Park V".
    40-50: Those enemies at the Gold Beach thing. Did a few of the early quests, but changed to grinding in the last few maps as soon as they wanted me to start collecting items.
    50-60: Golden Mammoths at Chryse. The new spawn rate makes the map actually pretty decent, I hardly ever cleared a full spawn even though I oneshot them.
    60-70?: Dark Sand Dwarves in "Desert of Serenity". Notably, they're weak to ice, so they're pretty easy to kill even with tons of missing.
    70?-80?: Roids in "C-1".
    80?-90: Homunculi in "Unit 202".
    90-100: NLC Aliens.
    100+: Evo world. Don't bother with Chain Lightning, just keep using Ice Strike and Thunderstorm from 3rd job.

    Those fuzzy levels were mostly me just going "can I hit these guys often enough for it to be faster yet?" since there were no hard requirements like needing Ice Strike for Dark Sand Dwarves or the level 90 quest for Aliens.
    They're all right next to each toher anyway, so it doesn't hurt to back and forth after a few levels to see which is faster.

    Not sure how much this influences the training path I took, but I had a full newbie gear set (evo rings, absolute shoulders/ring/belt) as well as every level 2 link skill.
    Also worth noting are those event weapons that come with the daily 2x buffs, they're often far better than the normal weapons for that level range.

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    Buccaneers are pretty amazing.

    1st job use lvl10 double shot with a gun. Also the flash jump is AMAZING.
    2nd job you get a pretty good ranged mob attack with your tornado. Sadly, Corkscrew is pretty freaking useless.
    3rd job you get like... the best rush skill in the entire game. This is like the Mechanic's rush when they first released in Chaos. Also Dice Roll can give you a free moment of EXP bonus. With your rush and Energy Blast, your AoE skills just destroys everything in MPe.
    4th job you get the Uber Kamehameha Wave of Doom that covers the entire length of the high resolution screen. You can clear an entire Evo World spawn with 2 blasts.

    Another benefit is they get Master of Organization for lots of inventory space so that when you ditch it at lvl130, you get an amazing mule that can hold lots of stuff.

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    I made a bishop last night, got it to 115 or so during the 2x. 2nd job was terrible (new holy arrow acts like a projectile BUT YOU CAN'T SEE ANY PROJECTILE AT ALL), but fortunately it's a mere 30 levels. 3rd job is a breeze, and the new no-charge Big Bang (only when Genesis is on cooldown) is ridiculously good. First job is obviously not worth mentioning, doesn't take long at all (also they moved teleport to 1st job which makes it even better).

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    i did a nightlord 1-130 in 3 days, a couple hours each day on 2x with the exp buff coupons as well

    1-60 was not particularly fast and i just did theme dungeons
    60-130 was amazingly fast because NL now has a great op mobbing skill in third job

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    I made a Dark Knight for my 130 ring. It was so so until 3rd job then it went up quite a few notches thanks to Lamancha Spear and Cross Over Chains. Things got more silly in 4th job with Dark Impale.

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    priests are op, shining ray's range is obscene, it's like about half of the range of an ultimate from what i've seen, and if you have the phantom level 2 link and the ring, you get 100% crit rate for all dat damage.

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    I got the tradable ring from my old Shadower (I changed it into a NL :D). I levelled a paladin to 130 as well, but you only get one lv 130 ring, unfortunately.

    After you max your Evo and MPE runs, try going to Crimson Guardians. They give 6100 exp for some reason.

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    I made a (bishop) at 1am est, and very lazily hit ~level 33 before 2x started at 3am est.
    Luckily, my grinding technique wasn't crowded and I leveled without much interruption.
    I have decent low-level mage equips, so I could grind on higher level mobs.
    Wherever I went, I could usually 2 hit mobs or better, assuming no MISS
    I used one free daily 2x coupon at 2:59am est, before the day reset.
    I used a second free daily 2x coupon, after the day reset, at 5:00am est.
    I stayed at any particular grinding area, well past job advance level, until the exp got bad.
    At level 66ish, I used tot's exp card. (after job advance and ~maxing HS)
    At level 100, my bishop 2hit Evo, with default cores: 5x hp, +7 level, +30% spawn
    I had max crit, even before getting the new crit ring.
    At whatever level I ran out of Evo runs, I went to DIPQ. I ohko every non-boss mob in DIPQ

    Between 7:30am est and 8:00am est when 2x ended, I hit 130 on Bishop.
    Overall it took seven hours of total creation time, including gear-storage transfers, link skills, tutorials, etc.
    I dont actually count the first two hours, because any power leveler knows it doesnt take 2hrs

    Five hours to get level 30 - level 130, during a 5 hr 2x event.



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