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    Default Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I'm personally really intrigued by the concept. It gets pretty expensive once you get up there in levels, but it will be interesting to see how it affects gameplay in the long-run. It makes explorers a very unique class, especially when it comes to bossing and training.


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    Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I'm a 201 BM and I have a 198 MM. I don't see the point lol

  3. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I don't really see the point. You pick the class you enjoy the most, then you generally stick with it.
    Gear controls bossing much more than class these days, so any tactical advantage going back and forth looks very minor.

    I guess bandwagon jumpers like this alot though, since they only pick classes that give the absolute edge.

  4. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    It's like, you want to switch from Shadower to NL and, oh wait I don't have a godly claw or anything. Guess I'll go buy one. Oh wait, I need a secondary weapon too huh. Guess I'll buy one of those too. Oh wait... I need stars...

    Or you're a Corsair and you're like wow I want to try buccaneer. Oh wait, need to buy knuckle... and secondary... oh whatever let's do it anyway. Oh wait... no AP resets...

    Pretty damn hard to transition unless you're filthy rich with a plethora of equips or you're a mage or sword hero/paladin.

  5. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    If I'm not mistaken, the Job switch automatically swaps your STR and DEX if you're a Pirate.

  6. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    Given how small the community of perfect weapon users are compared to the mass of more casual players, I don't think that this particular problem is as big for most people.

    It does.

  7. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    From a personal perspective I've always wanted to try out an F/P, but after the umpteenth link/ring/whatever mule on multiple accounts over the years I have absolutely no desire to level yet another character through level 1-120 if it's not strictly useful in its own right. I also now have the luxury of being able to make a useful level 182 DrK out of my useless ungeared Hero that is currently hogging a valuable character slot on my account.

    I welcome this new system.

  8. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I guess it's a neat feature but a bit too expensive for someone like me to use.

    Also added way to late. I already have all 3 pirates on my account 2/3 thieves for example.

  9. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    Greta Idea in Thought.

    Too expensive for someone like me =x

  10. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    Shadowers are f'uck tons better than NLs at magnus, and imo in general for damage. NLs are much better for farming. DBs are probably even better than shadowers but they require so much more funding.

    Switching between warriors let's you choose between whether you bind or if you need to die less (more?) or just damage.

    Pirates are all different so i shouldn't need to explain, it's mostly for play style. I can't really think of where a bucc does better than a cannoneer except maybe Cvellum, and i think corsair does better than both pirates at magnus.

    Moveset certainly is worth switching for in some cases, but it still isn't necessary.

  11. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    In contrast to Big Bang I hate modern buccs, and love what they did to Corsairs, with little things like the summons, gliding, bouncing bombs, their own snipe, and whatnot. So yeah, this is godsent.

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    Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I really like it, i was getting really bored of my kaiser and when the revamps came out the new paladin and dark knight looked really cool but getting new untradable gear is enough of a pain and then theres leveling a character, inner ability, boss quests, and all that fun stuff that makes people not want to switch characters. Luckily i had my level 200 dark knight with most of that stuff done already, sure i'd need to switch gear over and replace untradables but it lessened the load a lot. and if i want to switch between dark knight and paladin all i'd need to do is get a wep + 2ndary

  13. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    It would depend on the person. Me for example I would never use this because I would never want to spend the money, also the fact that I have all three thief classes and don't want to switch my cannoneer or bowmaster. My friend however is going to enjoy switching from a corsair to a buccaneer (they can't stand the low hp). So it's highly on prefrence on that. I don't care for it in the slightest.

  14. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    Turned my I/L into a F/P, it's pretty fun, and the new skills are neat!
    Turned my DB into a Shad, meso explosion is SO PRETTY
    Pally into a Hero, because always wanted to try out hero, the gameplay is a bit... simple, however.

    And I was gonna' turn my cannoneer into a corsair, but then i remembered link skill.

  15. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I thought that the other pirates got all of cannoneers' beginner skills. Did that not apply to the link skill?

  16. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    the link skill is the cannoneer's specialized job skill thing

  17. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    It's pretty swag for mages (you only need a new secondary weapon, which is a lot cheaper than switching weapons or even your potential for pirates), but I don't really feel the urge to pay 500m for a single class swap... Just seems so excessive... I ended up making a Bishop from scratch rather than switch my I/L over and I'm glad I did, because, as fun as the new Bishop is, I prefer my I/L 50x over it.

    Also I have a level 201 Shadower and a level 200 DB but both are naked (sold all their stuff to fund mage). I think I would've possibly thought of switching my Shad to an NL (for the pomegranates and giggles), but idk. 500m is a lot of meso atm for me.

  18. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    I really don't see the point outside of leveling up a HS mule faster.

    Since Adventurers don't have Link Skills, and getting all of them to 100 for a S Rank card should go rather quickly these days (As opposed to pre-RED where Paladins and Buccaneers were somewhat painful to go through if you didn't make them UAs.), it's really better (And a lot less cheaper.) to just play the class you like and make a new character for whatever purpose you want the class.

  19. Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    255mil at lv.180 is a bit expensive, esp. if you change your mind and switch back.

    I dunno how fast most people make money but for me about 1 mil per hour of gameplay is normal. As someone without perfect gear I can't really sell drops for money cause nothing drops valuable stuff reliably.

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    Default Re: Open Job Advancements: Thoughts?

    Would anyone know how one might obtain these "job advance coins"?



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