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  1. Default Well then, that's new.

    I logged on to my girlfriend's account to at least get her free pet, since she was busy and still hadn't patched yet, and I was greeted with this popup:


    I didn't actually try moving anything, since I was just claiming the first attendance box.

  2. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    Yea I keep getting this because my IP was banned and I had to use a VPN -___- I don't really mind cause I tend to keep to myself.

  3. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    That's neat I guess but if anyone wanted to hack your account for real they'd probably wait the 15 minutes.

  4. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    Actually this would've been nice last year when I got hacked, the hacker took off all my tradeables in the <5 minutes or so it took my friend to D/C hack him off my account.

    Granted, I got 500k NX in compensation but still.

  5. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    It also seems to serve no purpose at the moment, I went on a mule to purchase something with meso and was greeted with this message. I proceeded to buy the item as normal.

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    Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    Reminds me of the same feature in Vindictus.

  7. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    It should cut down on mass hacking sprees, though.
    In most cases where you haven't been targeted in specific they also have tons of other accounts to dig through.

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    Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    If the hacker really intended on hacking an account that was decent, I'd think that 15 minutes would be worth the wait.

  9. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    If it become a toggle-able option in settings (per account) with an adjustable time-frame of trade blocking (to suit each player) it would be a pretty great way to keep accounts safe imo.

  10. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    Another option I'd like would be to have a killswitch on your account where it boots whoever's signed in the account and locks it for 24 hours or something while you change your info.

    I mean, you see them online on your character... but like, they can just wait...

    Unless we're really advocating DC hacks...

  11. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    I am hoping it doesn't work, truthfully. I play 7 accounts from 3 different locations and this just makes things really difficult. So far, it doesn't dig into NAT. It considers my home network as a single IP and my office network as a single IP. That's at least a little helpful. But if it's really in place, I can't fire up the game at the office and then grab items off a mule unless I wait it out on both PCs. It makes doing things like Sengoku runs a real pain.

  12. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    It doesn't seem to block dropping. I am affected by this currently, and I can still drop my stuff.

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    Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking of when I heard about this.
    It's pretty cool but...kinda sucks for everyone who has dynamic IPs...which is most Americans.

    Doesn't exactly solve the problems, but it does create a deterrent and an inconvenience and a delay I guess which is kind of cool.

  14. Default Re: Well then, that's new.

    I just logged onto a friend's account, got the message, and it still let me transfer without having to wait.



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