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  1. Default Maple points restrictions

    I know you can't gift NX with those but what else is restricted when using MP?

    If I can't get cubes or at least gach tickets, I'll just skip the 100% event on some accounts...

  2. Default Re: Maple points restrictions

    I don't think there are any purchase restrictions. They're basically like NX credit, you can't gift.

  3. Default Re: Maple points restrictions

    Alright, thanks!

    I don't know for how long I'll be able to keep up with this but it's possible to get a LOT of MP from this event.

    edit: urgh, actually, scrap that. You only get the 100 MP coupon once per account, which should give you less than 3k per, by the end of the event

    I'm glad though. This means I won't feel obligated to do the quest every single day on every single character on every single account.
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