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  1. Default Demon Brothers 3 pet skill

    I moved my 3 demon pets from my Dual Blade to my Dark Knight, and I got hte quest from Metus for the skill. I read through his text, and went to go find his NPC, but I cant find it. I can't equip my three demon pets. When I did the quest on my Dual blade, i went and talked to the Metus NPC and he gave me the three pet skill.

    So I cant find metus. Did they remove him and the free 3-pet skill thing that came with the demons? Or is Metus located somewhere else now? Do I have to buy that pet skill thing in the cash shop?

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    Default Re: Demon Brothers 3 pet skill

    You mean the Pet Snack? Yes you do.

    Did you accept the quest and find the hidden note near the npc at the top in hene park? I think you needa do that now.



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