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Thread: All 4 One Event

  1. Default All 4 One Event

    So the only way to get these rewards (including one of the best medals since the 2009 VPQ event) if you are over level 100 is to have 3 other people create fresh characters and level them to 100 within the month? Why couldn't they have made the rewards account moveable. :( Sounds like hundreds of people wanting to get the rewards and not enough people leveling...which means the best way is to create alt accounts to invite and train to 100 on your own. GG

  2. Neutron

    IGN: shootDaFokUp
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    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    Lv1 -> 100 will only need a day at most.. 3 days is pretty much for the whole event.

    However, the even doesn't seems like the "boss" could get it, so I don't see the point of this even at all.

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    raising mules to lvl 100 shouldn't be as bad as before, at least we can have some fun playing the revamped adventurer we don't have in our main account (Imma try BM, FP and NL for this event)

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    Well, the boss gets 50 coins and 10k Maple Points, and then it says that all 4 members of the crew, that is the one crew boss and three crew members, get the Kin Ring, Medal, and Mount.

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    Now just need to find out which ones are perma.

    Seriously doubt the ring is perma, same with medal, however mount seems perma.

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    I dont know what about you but most of people have life beyonde gaming...
    I cant play long so it will take me a week.
    Only lumi took me a 3 days

  7. Neutron

    IGN: shootDaFokUp
    Server: Scania
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: BlackRose

    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    It only take a few hours from 1 -> 100.
    Let say you can only play 1 hour per day, you still have 50+ hours to train 3 characters.
    That is more than 16 hours per character and that should be far more than enough to only get to 100.

    Everyone have life, it's all about time management.

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if the event crossed over to the Zero release... Then you could just create the characters and they'd already be at 100.

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    1-100 is nothing these days. I got my Demon Avenger to 120 in two days, and most of the other Link Skill classes to 120 in three days.

    I'd get the mules myself (Or will Nexon crack down on us for that?), but I don't think my ancient backup computer can even handle modern MS.....

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    Hrm.. I wonder if you can use any character under level 100 for this event, or if it only applies to characters that are newly made. I have a few link mules that are sub 100, I could use them to ring my friend (who would also be ring-ing my main character).

  11. Default Re: All 4 One Event

    I've heard that the stats on the medal expire.

    Hopefully the ring might not??? pls???

  12. Can you hear it?
    street's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

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    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    What are you guys training secret? I'm struggling over here just to get to 70 -_- i just cant find places to train. i was a spoiled big foot anego etc leech shoot me

  13. Neon Atom Straight Male
    IGN: Omnicolor
    Server: El Nido
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    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    PQing should take your to 100 easily.

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    -Every new class gets quests that take them 1-30 these days, I imagine Adventurers will have those too in RED, so just do those. Tot gives 5 free levels, then do Fairy Academy for 35-40, then Reina Strait for 50-57, Tot will take you 58-61 for nothing but doing his tutorials. (Or was it 59? I don't remember exactly.)

    Keep in mind one of the tutorials you have to go through gives a 4 hour 1.5x EXP coupon, so try to time it when you'll have time to use it.

    -Sakura Castle right after hitting 70 to gain a few levels, but do not collect all the cards yet. Save one card to collect last for level 98, for it will give you enough EXP to level up to 99. If you have enough EXP towards 99 when you pick it up, it can even take you to 99 at 99%.

    -Romeo and Juliet PQ

    -Nett's Pyramid (Although I've had problems finding parties even on Scania for my last few characters.)

    -For normal grinding, Scoprions and Sand Rats until 80 or so, then the map with Roids and Security Camera. (Security Camera takes a while to go down, but gives a significant amount of EXP. Maybe you can even go through channels killing them if you're funded enough.)

    -If Luminous, ALWAYS do story quests whenever they pop up. He gets story quests that give massive amounts of EXP. (Remember, for the Chryse one, you can just skip right to Xerxes. No need to do any other quests.)

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    Are we 100% sure we need 3 other people to make an account? By what I understood you could recruit UP TO 3 friends.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    I don't think they need to make accounts at all. Only characters.
    And you need 3 if you want to get the 10k Maple Points reward.

  17. Default Re: All 4 One Event

    If it doesn't involve making new accounts then I may do it for the maple points.

  18. Donator Straight Female
    IGN: icephoenix21
    Server: Scania
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    Farm: IcePhoenix

    Default Re: All 4 One Event

    I think you're forgetting to add "It only takes a few hours to get to 1 -> 100 if you are (somewhat) funded".

    Not everyone is.

    I'm funded on my bishop, but takes me longer than a few hours to level non-mage characters to level 100.



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