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  1. Default Tales of Zestiria

    Release Date: Jan. 22, 2015 [JP]

    Name: Sorey (スレイ)
    Weapon: One-Handed Ceremonial Swords
    Character Design: Fujishima Kousuke
    Voice Actor: Kimura Ryouhei
    「オレ、世界中の遺跡を探検したいんだ。古代の歴史には、人と天族が幸せに暮らす知識が眠ってるって信じて るから。」
    I want to explore all the historic ruins of the world. I believe that we can find how people and the Seraphim could live together in peace.
    A character who thinks about what he wants to do, and what he should do in this world. With that passion, he goes on an adventure. After meeting a girl, what type of adventure will it be?
    A young man raised in the "Forest Grove of the Seraph". When he was a child, he accidentally discovered a book called the Records of the Seraphim (天遺見聞録), sparking his interest in ancient ruins. He wants to chase his dream of exploring ancient ruins. He has a kind personality and is always relaxed, and honest with his feelings. He may be too kind, but that positive attitude draws people towards him.
    Combat Style:
    Using a Ceremonial Sword he found in an ancient ruin, Sorey's combat style revolves around fast attacks. He has many artes that keep in moving through battle or have fast execution, along with several elemental types and self buffs. He is a front-line fighter who can adapt well to situations, picking apart enemies by their weaknesses, using powerful basic and advanced artes.

    Name: Alisha (アリーシャ)
    Weapon: Pikes
    Character Design: Okumura Daigo
    Voice Actor: Kayano Ai
    「”騎士は守るもののためぬ強くあれ。民のために優しくあれ。”私は見てみたいんだ。穢れのな い故郷を!」
    "'Knights become strong to protect something. They become kind for their people.' I want to see it. A homeland without defilement!"
    She is a knight, but why did she become a knight? What are her passions? And what is her relation with Sorey?
    Alisha is a princess of the Hyland Kingdom. While she had a bright, feminine personality, she chose to live as a knight serving her country instead of a princess, adopting a masculine way of speaking. Her mother was of low status, resulting in poor relations with other people in the royal family, and people of high standings, leading to her disliking their company. Due to her kindness, she wants to stop war and disaster in the world, but her position in the kingdom makes this difficult.

    Combat Style:
    Wielding a spear that is longer than her height, Alisha has fast thrusts as well as wide-ranged sweeps available to her. Taking the interval between attacks to step-move or use artes that have movements associated with them, she can keep an advantageous position on the battlefield with her range. Using her orthodox basic artes and dynamic advanced artes, she can easily evade and attack around her enemies.

    Name: Mikleo (ミクリオ)
    Weapon: Long Staves
    Character Designer: Inomata Mutsumi
    Voice Actor: Ohsaka Ryouta
    "Sorey is that type of guy. A childhood friend like me watching him still makes me nervous."
    Sorey's close friend and rival. He'll point out Sorey's erratic behaviour in a calm and composed demeanor. He uses Seraphic Artes (天響術, tenkyoujutsu) with a specialty in Water elements. As a Seraph, he lives with Sorey who can see his form, but Alicia cannot. Seraph are said to have a lifespan that's near the point of agelessness and immortality.

    Combat Style:
    Mikleo focuses on shooting and ranged attacks as well as simple healing artes. He uses spiritual power in his staff to perform mid-range attacks. His water-type Seraphic Artes are capable of counter-attacking and pursuing enemies.

    Name: Edna (エドナ)
    Weapon: Umbrellas
    Character Designer: Iwamoto Minoru
    Voice Actor: Fukuen Misato
    「ワタシは人間が嫌い。自分本位で感情的。困ったときだけワタシたちに頼ってきて……ホント面 倒」
    "I hate humans. Self-centered and emotional. They only rely on us when they're in trouble... a real bother."

    A young Seraph girl who has powerful Earth element Seraphic Artes (天響術, tenkyoujutsu). Behind her cute exterior is a cold and mature attitude who enjoys teasing and toying with others with her wicked tongue. After living alone for so long, is this how she acts out when she longs for attention? She's usually calm and collected, but when it comes to her only family, her older brother, she forgets herself and becomes emotional. Her favourite parasol has a mascot character named Normin hanging off it. The reason would apparently take a long time to explain.
    She does not trust people easily, especially humans who she has a strong caution against. She meets the party on the sacred mountain of Reiforc.

    Combat Style:
    Edna uses a time-delayed trigger style. Her parasol can be used for close-range attacks, while opening it can release spiritual power projectiles with various effects. Her earth-type Seraphic Artes have area of effects and can set up diverse combos to support the team, as well as build her own unique combos no other character can do.

    Name: Lailah (ライラ)
    Weapon: Paper/Pages
    Character Designer: Inomata Mutsumi
    Voice Actor: Matsuki Miyu
    「私はずっと待っていました。穢れを生まない純粋で清らかな心を持ち、私の声が届く者が現れる のを」
    "I've always been waiting. For a heart that does not birth impurity, pure and chaste, whom my voice reaches, to appear."

    A fire-type Seraph who guides Sory towards becoming the Shepherd. He meets her during festival.
    She gives precise advice like an instructor, as an older woman. She sometimes runs wild with her delusions though.
    She resides within the Holy Sword that was once used by a legendary Shepherd. Sorey becomes her vessel, granting him the power to calm Hellions.

    Combat Style:
    Her specialty is high-powered close-ranged artes that erupt from her position. She can provide a burning effect that restrains enemies, creating an advantageous position in the battle field.

    Name: Dezel (デゼル)
    Weapon: Pendulum
    Character Designer: Okamura Daigo
    Voice Actor: Ono Daisuke
    "...I'll tell you this. I won't let you get in my way. Even if you are the Monk"

    The Wind-element Seraph. Wanting revenge against a Hellion that's taken his friend, he searches in the shadows of the human realm.
    He's one who hates communicating with other people and prefers solitude, but he hides a passionate personality underneath all that.

    Combat Style:
    His Seraphic Artes uses long range attacks that can pierce vertically or horizontally in a straight line, rending everything in their path.

    Name: Rosé (ロゼ)
    Weapon: Double Daggers
    Character Designer: Fujishima Kousuke
    Voice Actor: Komatsu Mikako
    "It's too late, you know? Even if you regret having helped." (AbyssalChronicles)
    A young woman who joins Sorey's group's travels due to some sort of fate.
    She is cheerful and openhearted as the mood-maker of the party.
    She has a spiritual power that rivals Sorey's, and can see Seraphim.

    Impurity (穢れ, Kegare)
    Hatred and envy, malice borne from the negative energies of human's hearts. As this abnormality builds up, Hellions (憑魔, lit. possessive demons) are born. It is a poisonous power to the Seraphim.

    Hellions (憑魔, Hyouma)
    People, plants, and animals that are affected by strong defilement that transform into monsters. Those with strong spiritual powers can recognize their true forms, while regular people only see ferocious beings, or phenomena like tornadoes and lightning.

    Battle System:
    The Fusionic Chain-Linear Motion Battle System will feature
    Around Step - The dodging system from Tales of Graces
    Blast Gauge - A secondary resource that can be used to add more attacks into your combo
    Spirits Chain - Appears to be the bonus acquired from guarding for a short period, to break enemy guards
    Armatization - 神依 (Kamui, lit. Divine Reliance) Sorey and Rose can fuse with a Seraph, granting them powerful elemental artes and mystic artes

    The arte system is very similar to Tales of Graces, except instead of inserting B-artes into a combo, you replace the A-arte completely to continue the combo.
    Like Tales of Graces, the basic attacks, (特技, tokugi) have 4 chains, and 4 directions. When using Armatization, this is reduced to 3 chains but are more powerful.

    Of note, Tokugi, Ougi, and Tenkyoujutsu, which I believe translate to Artes, Arcane Artes, and Seraphic Artes interact in a special way. If an enemy is casting a spell (Seraphic Artes), you can use regular Artes to interrupt their chanting, stopping their spell; however, attacking them with Arcane Artes will speed up their casting. This seems to be a rock-paper-scissors style then. I believe Artes will be like Artes-style from Graces, while Arcane Artes and Seraphic Artes are the Burst-style equivalent.

    Humans excel at physical attacks, with an emphasis on movement and mobility.
    O Button activates speed and mobility style attacks (特技, tokugi).
    X Button activates powerful penetrating artes (奥義, ougi) (penetrating as in busting through, breaking past, etc)
    Particularly useful in distracting enemies while other characters are using Seraphic Artes (i.e. chanting spells)

    O Button activates midrange style attacks (特技, tokugi).
    X Button activates powerful and long range Seraphic Artes (天響術, tenkyoujutsu).
    Take cover in a safe position to reduce the risk of being interrupted while chanting Seraphic Artes.

    Entering battle and exiting into the field will be a naturally flowing experience. Entering combat will create the battle field around your current position, using the geographical terrain there as your combat area, with a very small transition as your party and enemies appear.

    Equipment System

    PV 1

    PV 2

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  2. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    Tales of Zestoria perhaps?

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    Default Re: Next Tales Of

    well crap, xillia 2 hasn't even come to these shores yet and they're already working on a new tales?

  4. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    Asteria and Kanade are the two most recent trademarks, but Zestoria was filed a few months ago I believe. Asteria sounds nicer.

  5. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    I hope this game has some kind of unique customization for weapons/items and stuff... That's never really been done for a Tales of game before! (basically SO3's item system or whatever lol)

    Would be so fun!!!

  6. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    Star Ocean's item system? I don't know about that, it always felt weird to me, even when I stacked up to 9999 core stats in SO4; it just feels weird to me, getting the tri-emblems and stacking those onto each item, the way you exploit so many bugs to min/max the items and get gil just feels wrong to me. If the combat system wasn't so awesome in those two games I probably wouldn't have liked them much, aside from the 4D twist in SO3, that was actually neat.

  7. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    I mean you could always neglect the system it if that did happen (or set challenges yourself), but I totally get what you're saying!

    I just want a lot of customization... like a lot!! More unique changes to all skills! I always loved how Vesperia kind of introduced how using more skills made it eventually better. (9 fireballs, large range splash etc)

  8. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    There's absolutely no way to beat Chaos on SO4 without maxed gear, not even first forms of gabriel/EQ, much less form 2 and 3. I managed to beat Freya on 4D in SO3 without maxed gear, but it took 5 hours on the success attempt and over 50 hours of wipe attempts. I gave up on 4D Freya without Maria, because that's retarded.
    You either have to exploit the bugs hardcore or get destroyed; it took me 7 hours to get through the bug planet/beat the first boss on Chaos mode, and the rest of that playthrough wasn't much better until I was allowed to synth immune to elemental damage armors, since monsters could literally just stagger lock my whole party to death while I could only stagger them like 3-4 times before they entered burst mode due to them gaining 300% gauge fill speed in Chaos. It was fun, but I still haven't managed Gabriel 6wing or EQ 4/6wing, and since EQ takes pineappleing 4 HOURS just to ATTEMPT since you have to get through a dungeon with no pineappleing savepoints, I doubt I'll be beating her other forms, ever.

  9. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    • Viable non-main characters
      • Tales of Graces, Xillia 2 are perfect examples of this. Only real lacking character in either title is Richard (fewer titles, lower stat total at the very end), Musee (slow, poor combo capability physical attacks, broken as pineapple spells), and maybe Rowen (see Musee).
      • Non-main characters that you can play instead of the main character and not feel horribly gimped (see any spell caster pre-Hearts)
      • Vesperia had good level of viability. Spell-casting was still lame, but Judith, Patty, and Flynn were quite fun to use and doable. Raven was iffy for me, but I could see the potential. *ignores Karol*
      • Hearts was too spammy to judge the same way, haven't tried Hearts R but I would imagine it's viable since the DS version was pretty close
      • Xillia was better than Vesperia in my opinion, probably due to the better combat system, but still worse than Graces
      • One of the things that solved spell-casting was High Chain Spell in Graces and Xillia 2; performing multiple attacks in a row reduces the cast time of your next spell(s)
    • Crafting/Enhancing
      • Xillia 2 almost had it, but materials were either too hard to get or the upgrade wasn't actually an upgrade since it came too late
      • Materials that are actually obtainable to make an upgrade before finding the next shop to buy a standard upgrade
      • Effects from crafting/enhancing like Graces' shard system to improve gear noticeably
      • Something not as ridiculously convoluted as Graces's personality system though
    • Leveling System
      • Something similar to Graces' Title System where you choose what you want to level up first
      • Xillia's Lilium Orb system was nice with the point application too
      • Both, you end up spending a lot of time in menu trying to decide which way to go
      • Xillia 2's Arrowcell Orb is a good compromise, but there's a lot of empty space for non-Ludger characters
      • I think something back towards Graces' Title System, but a lot more levels per title and fewer titles overall would be great
      • I liked Heart's system of getting materials to learn skills and artes as well
      • I disliked Vesperia's system of having skills tied to gear, since you end up being forced to use lower quality gear to learn things at times
      • Also missing materials for skills in Hearts and Vesperia is a pomegranatety feeling
    • Item Rarity
      • Radiant Mythology style "random" item drops that come in rarity so you have a reason to farm things (we arpg now)
      • Eternal Sword pls if it's not in the story, it's been quite a while
    • Artes
      • More bonuses for arte usage
      • Explicit values for damage, hits, bonuses in a detail panel (no more guessing or testing to see if A is stronger or weaker than B)
      • 鷹爪落瀑蹴
    • Loli character
    • PS3 Version that isn't a beta for a PS4/PSV version

  10. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    I'd prefer Xilla's combat system IMO. Graces was a bit overwhelming for me.
    I liked Xilla's Lilium Orb and Graces' Title System.
    More bonuses and such for Artes would be really interesting.

  11. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    is there a recent tales game without one? Why not two.

    Why not the whole cast.

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    Default Re: Next Tales Of

    You should be playing Mugen Souls then~

  13. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    Vesperia 360 didn't have Patty as a playable character. pomegranate tier game.

    They updated with ToX1&2 pictures a couple of hours ago. We should see the announcement tomorrow evening then.

  14. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    I don't really import often and I'm not buying the super censored US release.

  15. Lazy Mathematician Female
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    Default Re: Next Tales Of

    US version got censored that badly? Got any examples?

    (haven't bought it yet but was thinking of getting it since I JUST bought myself a ps3 :3)

  16. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    50+ CGs got cut.

  17. Lazy Mathematician Female
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    Default Re: Next Tales Of

    oh, should be fine then. I play em for the game part, not necessarily the pics anyways :3

  18. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    Oh jeez I forgot to mention I REALLY hope Motoi isn't composing for the game... I mean i like his stuff but I would prefer a different composer... (looking at Go Shiina who did Legendia!)

  19. Default Re: Next Tales Of


    This title will be for the 20th Anniversary, meaning it'll be likely slated for release in (late) 2015 unless they're celebrating early.

  20. Default Re: Next Tales Of

    I'm surprised anyone else has even played Legendia, much less remembers it. It's actually one of my favorite Tales games for the OST and the characters/story.



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