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Thread: New JMS stuff?

  1. Default New JMS stuff?

    Earlier today I went to Uni's blog and noticed this new post talking about RED and the update plan for JMS.
    One thing that caught my attention was an image of an unseen character. I asked a friend to translate some stuff for me and it seems that on top of getting Zero and dawnveil, Japan plans on releasing a new "Beast Tamer" class, as well as expand or revamp some existing content such as the Tokyo maps, Sengoku content, and monster cards/familars.

    The beast tamer is supposed to look like this

    Any thoughts?

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    welp, now they cater to furries too.

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    Child of the Forest

    Name: Beast Tamer
    Class: Magician
    Special Trait: Has [animal] ears growing [out of the top of his/her head]
    Combat [Style]: Borrows the strength/powers of animals.

    Basically, minor shapeshifting...interesting concept, but gameplay-wise that doesn't make any difference unless they give him/her some gimmick that actually means something in gameplay.

    Sounds like each animal is a "transformation" or "mode" of sorts where the character is limited to the use of specific skills, while possibly being granted specific buffs based on said animal.

    That said, the JMS dev team has proven itself capable of creating interesting classes, so I'll be looking forward to this...somewhat.

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    Ooooh, a Druid class?

    This looks awesome. I hope GMS gets this too. being a Mage doesn't really make sense to me though, unless she's some sort of physical mage like Battle Mage.

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    First of all, that looks suspiciously silmiar to the whole "Anima" race thingy that's now going to be connected to the new hero.
    Since the Anima-race has fox-characteristics.
    Besides that.... hmm, don't they have a "beast tamer" profession? Something with the familiars, like summoning 3 at a time, if I remember correctly...

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    I thought it was holding a pokeball but that's just hair

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    Lol they failed to make the white spots transparent.

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    Default Re: New JMS stuff?


    First thing that came to my mind when I saw these anima people.
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    This class is related to Sengoku Class? And when Oda Nobunaga will be a fightable boss?

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    I'd imagine they are "related" in the sense that she is the same race as Haku, and her story might intersect with Hayato/Kanna at some point.

    also i'll eat my shirt if Nobunaga becomes a fightable boss
    /* i'm kidding, i'm not as badass as Fiel and would never dare to make such a deal */

    but seriously, he'll probably be fightable once all 5 "Children of the stars" are released. so 3 more.

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    Interesting looking forward to more info of this job

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    yeppp.. another job I might want to play :O

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    First Yunnel and now this? Normally people would be pissed at the thought of yet another job reaching Maplestory.

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    This is Zero (I think). The only thing I don't understand is that I have never seen these skills before...
    inb4 5th job tease

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    I don't mind as long as it gives diversity to the game. I won't quit my main, but the people I encounter on it has quite a lot of variety.

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    That can't be Zero, Zero never had skills like those before.

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    Same, I'm dying to hear more.

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    I know, right? But, it was said that these flashy skills belong to Zero.
    inb4 5th job tease

    All of this was revealed at an offline event in Japan. They've also released their roadmap of January till June 2014.

    A storage expansion is planned from 4 slots to 20. Players who bought expansions from Cash Shop will get reimbursed.
    They're also planning to change the login system to make it more convenient. More exclusive Japanese content is planned as well, but no ETA for the details.
    New episode of Dawnveil will be added and new Monster Familiar cards.



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