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Thread: [Broa] P/C>Warrior SI Gloves

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    Are these really only worth 2b, or are people just trying to merch off me?


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    No idea... people sometimes try to buy my 45 attack gloves with SI AND SE for only like 4b which seems not nearly enough...
    Are prices just dropping this badly or is that really a normal price? I wonder aswell.

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    I've been asking around, and people are saying anywhere from 2b because apparently all the newer Warrior jobs can cap speed without SI now, to 5-6b because of the rarity of SI gloves plus Zero coming soon.

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    Screw the newer warrior jobs then DSI will always come in handy for Adventurers*. I have no idea about the price exactly but with the free-advancement system coming from RED stuff like your glove should become a bit more expensive right?

    *imayormaynotbecompletelytalkingoutofmyassaboutthi s

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    DSI Is pretty nice for Zero because beta's weapon speed is 8. So it might be desirable for someone pretty soon here.

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    And MPE pots break the cap anyway, so who cares if you reach it.

    I'd say replace that neb w/ dSE if you can to raise its value to around 5b, it's nice that it has some %STR on it already.



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