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  1. Default P/C> Heaps of Perma NX items

    Hey guys, I bought 35 Premium Surprise Boxes and got these:

    Cat Lolita Outfit
    Twinkling Girl Glow Shoes
    Pink Shock Pop Star
    Light Wing Cherubim
    Orchid's Black Wing Shoes
    Angel Cherub
    Blue Point Kitty Hat
    Neon Pink Pants
    Military Pop Star
    Wire Headband
    Angel's Ribbon
    Green Apple's Love Label Ring (x3)
    Rainbow Sparkle
    Petite School Shawl
    Slither Style Snake Sword
    Frog Cronies
    Cheering Pink
    Dark Devil Outfit
    Crystal Fantasia Wand
    Mummy Label Ring
    Flying Nobilitas (x2)
    Dark Devil Shoes
    Cute Sleeveless Shirt
    Cat Lolita Hat
    Heavenly Aura
    Moon and Sun Cape
    Hades Overall
    White Combat Tunic
    Halloween Leopard Umbrella
    Void Aura
    Stylish Iron
    Red Rose Label Ring

    Please give me a price check on all of these! Thanks!
    Bera prices if you can!

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    Default Re: P/C> Heaps of Perma NX items

    What's with these people lately making sp accounts just for price checks =.=

    Go look around your world's free market, it's not rocket science.



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