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  1. Default The Idea I Submitted to Nexon for a Masteria PQ

    This is the idea that won me 50,000 Maple Points. I honestly would like to see something like this, as far as the storyline goes. I was inspired by Kolchak the Night Stalker.

    For a new party quest, I would suggest something along the lines of an investigative paranormal reporter, seeing as you already have aliens and monsters in Masteria.

    What I mean by that is the players would investigate into strange goings-on at the Prendergast Mansion - there have been sightings of ghosts, aliens and other unworldly creatures.

    For the first stage, for example, players of different levels would have to collect "photographic evidence" (ETC. drops from leveled mobs) by killing mobs that were appropriately leveled (these are just examples):

    level 20 - 30 players would try and kill,, and;

    level 31 - 60 players would try and kill,, and;

    level 61 - 90 players would try and kill,,,,,,,, and;

    level 91 - 110 players would try and kill, and

    After collecting sixty (ten per person in the party quest) pieces of "photographic evidence," the players will be teleported to a newsroom, where they would have to try and convince the editor-in-chief, Skip Tic, of these monsters' existences by dropping the "photographic evidence" right on the NPC and selecting the appropriate dialogue choices: "I've provided an eyewitness account in addition to all these photographs," "Have I ever failed you before?" and "You can count on me!" After successfully convincing the editor-in-chief that you can provide a real story about these ghouls, he'll ask the party members to try and find the Headless Horseman in the Crimsonwood Forest.

    The players teleport to the next stage, and it would consist of being chased down by a very overpowered Headless Horseman (, overpowered to the extent of being impossible to kill by any player. The Headless Horseman would chase the players down an avenue filled with: and There would be platforms that the players have to get on top of so they can reach the next platform, and other obstacles like that with ropes and ladders - at the end of the chase, the party leader would have to click on John Barricade to proceed to the next stage.

    The next stage's map would consist of several gravestones and three platforms far above the ground, with ropes hanging low enough for players to grab onto them. John Barricade would then explain to the party members how their investigations have gotten them into a load of trouble, to the extent of being chased down by creatures like the Headless Horseman. He then suggests to the party that they attempt to placate the Headless Horseman by returning his head to his grave - this has to be done by obtaining the Headless Horseman ETC. drop before beginning the party quest. If no one has the ETC. drop, then the party members cannot continue with the party quest. To return the head to the grave, the players must find the correct grave through trial and error - if they drop the head on the wrong grave, an overpowered Bigfoot ( will rampage through the map, causing massive damage to any players not quick enough to climb on the ropes and stay on the platforms hovering over the map. The players will either have to be quick about grabbing the head before disappears or they will have to use another head. When the head is dropped on the correct grave, John Barricade will appear again and the party leader will click on him to exit that stage.

    John Barricade will then inform the players that the Headless Horseman is still running rampant throughout Crimsonwood Forest, and that the attempt to placate him did not succeed. He will claim that he is suspicious of this "Headless Horseman" and doesn't believe that it is the real McCoy. So, he investigated further and believes that the current deadly iteration of the Headless Horseman is, in fact, a robot being controlled by the Alien Cogs that have destroyed New Leaf City. He then asks the players to destroy the robot by attacking the control center in which Alien Cogs are sending directions to the robot. Barricade teleports the players to the control center, which would appear similar to the alien base in New Leaf City, and the players would have to focus on destroying the control box and avoiding the Headless Horseman. Alien Cogs would be swarming around the control box, making the task even more difficult. A good recommendation for this stage would be a Corsair so they could use Parrottargeting on the control box. After the control box is destroyed, it's a simple matter of destroying the Headless Horseman robot, which would be around its normal level or nerfed to fit the level of the players ( After the destruction of the robot, the players would discover that Skip Tic, the editor-in-chief, is inside manipulating the robot from within. He claims that he was jealous of the players' determination in exposing the monsters around Prendergast Mansion and New Leaf City, so he decided to work with the Alien Cogs to try and destroy the players. He apologizes, and he gives an iTCG forging item from sets 2,3 and 4. Inside the lobby for the party quest, John Barricade and other iTCG forging NPCs would be waiting to forge items from the items given out by Skip Tic.

  2. Default Re: The Idea I Submitted to Nexon for a Masteria PQ

    Seems like a good idea. I had a different approach with Haunted House, bringing back the old Sophilia storyline as a theme dungeon for semi-high levels, giving an explanation to the Olivia storyline, and bringing back the Pumpkin Vault as well.
    I also had an idea to tie the alien storyline into Jett's storyline. Of course, Jett will just be a dream



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