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    Default Re: Player Hot Issues: October/November 2013 Edition

    There was a recent thread on the forums where Sparkles hinted that one of the reasons why we don't have our NX items tradeable is because our DN's cash inventory system is somehow linked to Maple's system in the actual servers. Let me go fetch it...

    If it were that easy it would be done.
    Believe me or not, but myself and the entire Nexon DN team want and have been championing this change.
    It will come and no it will not be an exact replica of other regions.
    Why not the same one? Our back end is not the same as other regions. We have our own cash shop setup that is integrated with the DN client. So we need a custom system to allow the tradablity.
    This means it must be designed and developed just for our DN.



    Ill answer these real quick and then I am off for the night (update in the morning)

    Why are our servers differnt?
    - Because Nexon operates many online games and to be efficient they share resources. So instead of Nexon having infrastructure item X for Maple Story and item Y DN we have item Z for both. I hope that makes sense This was not the original design for DN and therefore modifications were needed.

    Why not tell us this info before?
    - Well I have tried in the past, but tried to present it in a more PR friendly manner. This resulted in info being ignored. So here I am being as flat out about it as possible. I do hope it is received better now.

    Ok yall have a good night and I will see you in game in the morning!


    I just... How is that even possible? What else are multiple Nexon NA games sharing in the background? I'm surprised this information hasn't caught fire across all the Nexon communities.



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