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  1. Default Hyper Accuracy question.

    I just put a point in it for pomegranates n' giggles, and it didn't raise my accuracy stat at all.

    Does it affect the miss rate re: attacking mobs above your level?

    If so, it might be a lot more useful than we gave it credit for.

  2. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    The accuracy stat does nothing. Too bad they didn't give us hyper avoid.

  3. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    But... it's not affecting my accuracy stat, does that hyper skill literally just not do anything, you put a point in it and literally nothing happens?

    Again, it did not increase my weapon acc stat.

  4. Default Hyper Accuracy question.

    Accuracy as a stat has no purpose or use. It's funny that the hyper doesn't affect accuracy kind of like how accuracy doesn't affect anything else.

  5. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    I still miss on Hell Gollux with Hyper Accuracy.

  6. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    It should be hit rate, Following the convention with avoidability variable names, it should be, like Priest's Holy Focus, a multiplier on hit rate. It's ar, and the corresponding avoid variable, er, is a multiplier on the rate at which monsters miss you, so, intuitively, one would assume that ar would be a multiplier on the rate at which you hit monsters.

    But like everyone said, it's pointless. Accuracy stuff doesn't really work anyway, as, since the last time we had any insight on it, the level penalty applies after everything else, and before you apply the penalty it rounds you back down to 100% anyway, making anything you can do to increase your accuracy kinda pointless since the level penalty would be subtracted from 100% no matter what.

  7. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    So having 0 accuracy doesn't matter right?

    What a joke if it is...

  8. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    Well, pre-Chaos, while it was 5%/level, you also needed to have an equal or higher amount of accuracy than the mob's avoid. That's why some jobs still missed on MP3 mobs. With Chaos, STR adds accuracy, so it'd have to be tested.

  9. Default Re: Hyper Accuracy question.

    I think I have more than 95% hit rate.
    Probability of 4/4 hits @ 95% = .95^4 = 0.81450625

    @ 95% hit rate waiting time between misses (3/4, 2/4, 1/4, 0/4 attacks hit) should have a mean of 1/(1-0.81450625) = 5.3910172175612385862057346945652

    I seem to get waiting times of 10+ most of the time.
    Don't know if this is because of Hyper Accuracy or something else and idk what the hit rate formula looks like.



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