Just curious, since each branch of the 3 professions have expanded to level 12, I wanted to know what are the special items each class can make.

I know a tiny bit about the system. So far my general info is:

-Blacksmithing makes two different kinds of cubes, unique ones at 11 and legendary ones at 12. These cubes are untradable.

-Alchemist makes herb and mineral bags at level 11, coin purses at level 12.

-Jewel makes flame of reincarnations...

And that's where the issue comes up. Since we dont have additional options in GMS, what exactly is the purpose of jewelers to get to level 11 and 12?

Also, are coin purses made by alchemists tradable?

And lastly is there anything im missing that can be made when these professions hit they're higher levels? Like alchemists not failing to craft potions at level 12 [please let this happen, ihate failing to make legend potions at level 10 mastery QQ]