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  1. Default Should I get MH3U for 2DS?

    Should I go and get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for my 2DS, I already have the Wii U port. Other than the advantage of Monster Hunter on the go, is there any other advantages to getting the 3DS game? Will I still need the Circle Pad Pro?

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    I've been told that the underwater fights are pretty abysmal and nearly unplayable without the circle pad pro, so you may be better off passing up on that. I don't think Nintendo has any plans on ever making a 2ds circle pad pro.

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    I wouldn't really recommend playing MH3U without a Circle Pad Pro and since the 2DS doesn't have one...

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    Personally I would say not to do it, but to clarify; underwater fights aren't really that bad as long as you use the touch-screen D-pad. (I had the game for a few weeks before I got my Circle Pad Pro and it's really not too bad)

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    Underwater fights won't give you troubles without the Circle Pad if you just use the lock-on feature. What WILL get annoying is when fighting Rathian and Rathalos when they fly around and whatnot. They give you more trouble than any underwater fight will.

    If nothing else you could try using the "digital" D-Pad. I only had trouble with the flying ass-heads because I was testing out battles using ONLY lock-on feature and no digital pad at all, so it could have been much easier otherwise. You should download the demo since it forces you to play without the Circle Pad, then see if it was hard to play without it or not.

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    I have an option to help you decide:

    Play the Wii U version, but intentionally don't use the right analog or ZL/R. It might be hard to do at first, and take conscious thought, but in the end if you can play without them then you can play it on the 2DS.

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    Ok, I tried playing on 2DS with the Lagombi and Plesioth. The targeting system is a necessity more than ever than on the Wii U. Lagombi was smooth sailing, Plesioth was a nightmare, real hard to move the camera with the screen.



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