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    I have a Shih Tzu. He's about 8 years old.
    Over Friday and the weekend, he's been acting strange. He lays down alot, doesn't eat, and isn't active like usual.
    My mother found that he had some hip issue, so we thought it would go away eventually.
    Well, today, around noon, he started to seem a bit better, with more walking, and even eating and drinking a little.
    Well, now, he's worse. He started panting, had diarrhea (which I had to clean up) and started shaking alot.
    His panting continued on for about 20 mins or so, and my sister tried feeding him water, but that didn't seem to do much.
    He's asleep now, near the water dish, but I want to know if there's an easy way to cure him of what's been giving him pain.

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    Might I suggest going to the vet for something like that... that sounds a lot like my dog before she died, which ended up being stomach cancer.

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    Not to be gloomy, but when my dog had cancer it was the same deal. Leukemia, mostly showed up in him being more tired and having trouble with food.

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    Same here. Please take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. My Golden had a form of bone cancer that took his life, but before he passed, he exhibited many of the symptoms you are mentioning.

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    Well, thanks for the answers guys. Hopefully my parents will get him to the vet soon.

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    well vet is prob expensive. first i must tell you i am not a vet nor have i studied vet science etc

    check his whole body if there is like a tick biting him. though i kinda forgot how to cure that, but you can google it.

    well since it so sudden, maybe he was bitten by a tick or an insect or something.

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    Alright, came home from school, and my mother told me she took my dog to the vet.
    All that happened was that he apparently hurt his back, so the vet gave her medicine to give him, and he seems much better now.

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    Happy to hear your dog is okay, for future reference you should have put this in the speakeasy, as I doubt you found this ordeal funny and don't want to give off the wrong tone :P

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    Something similar happened to my dog recently, it was really unfortunate. she was already under the weather from having diarrhea and having a lump on her face that ballooned up out of nowhere, and then she hurt her leg.

    I was tasked with looking after her while everyone else was away, it was heartbreaking. I had to make her comfortable, and she just laid in the same spot all day because she couldn't walk, shaking and stuff. she was still in a really good mood though like she always is and got really excited when my parents got home. I even had to pick her up and take her outside so she could do her business.

    Her leg healed up pretty fast the next day however, and she got an antibiotic shot that had her completely healed in just a few hours. I'm really glad it was nothing serious, and she's been perfectly fine since then.

    I'm glad it was nothing serious for your dog either, it's really scary when you think it might be something really bad.



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