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  1. Default Need some feedback to improve on videos please.

    Hello SP,
    I create videos on and off, and I recognize it's not conducive to improving on my vids, but what I am curious about is - with what I'm doing right now, what can I do to improve to make these vids more enjoyable. I don't have a single focus, the focus of the video is specific to each, there is no overarching theme I'm shooting for when I make vids.

    Thank you. Below are two of my more recent maple vids:



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    I watched both fully and the only advice I can give is to try keep them shorter and punchy.

    From what I saw they both had some humor in them but this was watered down due to the overall length of the video and the boringness of maplestory gameplay itself.

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    Watched both.

    People want fast gameplay, a sense of action, and humour. I would go as far as to say that the editing and commentary actually made the videos worse. If someone wanted to watch a HT solo by a BM, they would look up an unedited version. If they wanted a Maple MV, they would expect more fitting music and a range of footage in the video. If they wanted some satire vid on how easy bosses have become (eg. like soloing pap with puppet), they would include more humour.

    You need to figure out what exactly you want to do with the videos, rather than just place random commentary together with semi-edited footage.

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    First vid felt like you was trying a tad too hard to be funny and the length just butchered the comedy value it had left, from my experience as a mapletuber boss videos aren't as popular when edited unless you are doing a montage style video with multiple bosses.

    second vid! i enjoyed the puppet scene i feel like that should have been a stand alone video.. but good job. +1 for AoT BGM.

    Editing is fine, if i was you i'd try to cut vids down a bit, watch them a few times in your editor before rendering don't be afraid to even half the length of the video but hey that's just my opinion. I hope you don't take offence to my advice, gonna sub to you and i hope to see more.

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    Thank you three for the feedback. Will keep in mind and try to keep the vids at a reasonable length.



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