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  1. Default Scheduled Game Update - (11/19/2013)

  2. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: Akusaria
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Nuclear
    Alliance: NuclearHonor

    Default Re: Scheduled Game Update - (11/19/2013)

    - Dragon Expedition (2-man dungeon instance with a special rule where attack is nerfed to the floor)
    - Suffix III dungeons (without Jasmine Expedition Base)
    - Light Weapons from Dragon Eggs

    Should keep us pretty busy. I need to switch my Saint's weapons to dual Intellect...

  3. Default Re: Scheduled Game Update - (11/19/2013)

    Life-Giving lll users will get much more annoying this patch, but other than that, I look forward to Dragon Expedition.



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