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  1. Water
    IGN: Dragon4meII
    Server: Khaini
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    Default Good Side Effect of low Population

    I have recently noticed a good side effect of the drop off in server population, at least in Khaini. Seem when you CC into a map and someone is there these days they are 95% of the time VERY FRIENDLY. Even when it is 2x EXP or a map with one of the RED MOBS in it. Back in the day you would be yelled at instantly if you even thought about crossing through a map going somewhere else. It is a nice change as far as that goes.

  2. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    Im surprised to even find someone. Usually it's a huge clusterpineapple of mobs that were just being vacced a second ago.

  3. Trump minus th money
    IGN: xparasite9
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    Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    yeah, IF you happen to be lucky to run into someone else.
    Unfortunately even despite that, back when the halloween events were going on I was trying to grab some keys and someone was grinding at scarecrows and yelling at me.

  4. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    Every time I see someone (I play in khaini) in my mind I go "there's still people here?! O.O", I think since my return(around a month and a half) I've seen about 10 to 20 people out in the wild(as in not in PQ, MP, town or FM area) thats of course not counting the hackers that insta cc.

  5. Can of Soup Male
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    Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    I'm also getting the impression that its moved nexon to listen to the community more. Judging by this voting for a better maple and i think community volunteers too?

  6. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I was helping a friend get RED keys and someone else came into the map and did not kill the RED mob after I asked (considering the high demand for RED keys, I wouldn't have blamed her if she did kill the mob). There are plenty of jerks around, but I feel like most of the interaction I have with other players is positive.

  7. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    Another good side effect imo is being able to run into the same people (who aren't buddies/guildies/family/alliance etc) consistently in game and strike up a conversation, pretty pleasant imo and something I enjoyed before my server was merged (notsayingthemergewasabadthing)

  8. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

    Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    I see a lot of people while looking for keys, nobody is rude though. I haven't met a rude player since.. Angelic Buster was released I think. I can be quite ignorant when people talk to me though while i'm busy. I recall one guy going "OMG A LEVEL 200 KANNA, SHOW ME A SKILL" and I just walked on haha.

    being in a different time zone helps a lot for when i'm getting my keys. it being 12 here means it's like 4am there, so many players aren't online. I can get on, stock up on keys at a dead area for the next couple of days, and by the time everyone else comes online the monsters will have respawned.

  9. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    This is where I pretend not to know any english to deter them. Of course, I don't actually know another language, so it's actually kinda ironic when the other person's fluent in spanish and I only have some 3-4 common phrases to work with.

  10. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    I can't walk through a map without hearing "cc noob"

  11. Acorn Overlord Male
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    IGN: ManaSpiral
    Server: GAZED
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    Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    I agree. I've run into several people I've known before on GAZED. It's nice to get, "Hey! I saw you the other day!" type of responses. That's really cool. One downside is buddy lists seem pretty dead, at least for me. I have people added, but most of them are my guild mates so it's somewhat redundant. I feel like the only reason most people interact with each other is to serve a function within the game like PQing, merching, or some sort of quest. Gone are the days of just chatting because there's nothing else to do (not saying that doesn't still happen, it's just not as often). To be 'social' in MapleStory you have to really make an effort nowadays, and I think people respond positively because if you're taking the time to speak with them. In a way, because it's not necessary it can actually mean a lot more to stop whatever it is you're doing.

    It would be really cool to have some features that encourage users to socialize more frequently, and not stupid stuff like the new chat system they have where you can "chat with a random mapler." Here's to hoping.

  12. Default Re: Good Side Effect of low Population

    Recently, Scania's population has kinda inflated. So I can't really say.



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