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  1. Default Any Single Player game DoTA-esque?

    Well, I've been looking into DoTA, and I like the concept. However I was wondreing if there game with the same concept for single players, since I keep hearing how people are like in the DoTA thread. Doesn't have to be a free game, just needs to be for PC. So far I've heard the game called DemiGod is like that, so looking into that possilbility.

    And something a bit off topic:

    Anyone have Civilization V? I'm thinking of buying it real soon because it seems cool. Heard great reviews and I don't mind the turn based style.

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    You have to remember, someone is far more likely to complain over good teammates than they are to talk happily about a decent teammate. And if you play with friends all is good.
    I personally just mute idiots.
    As far as a single-player DotA-ish game, i can't quite think of any.
    Also i have Civ V and i dumped 200 hours into it before i kind of just stopped playing it, it's a great game.

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    Hmm thanks for the info. I don't really want to deal with more idiots for awhile though, so I don't thinkill get into another masively multiplier game for awhile, hence why I asked about single player games.

    And I was thinking of putting some extra money into getting the gold edition [has all DLC and expansions ever released for 5] Regular costs 30, gold costs 50. Seems pretty good after I saw the prices for all the other expansions [seems like I'm saving 60 bucks overall]

    Is Civ 5 regular version worth the 30, or do you highly suggest any of the add ons [i know people love god and kings expansion and such]. Keep in mind I'll mostly be playing singple player, and maybe multiplayer with 1 friend =3

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    I'd wait for a steam sale and grab the gold edition for like 10€. That's what i did.
    Gods and kings expansion made the game a lot more fun and i heard Brave new world was also a great expansion but i haven't tried BNW myself yet.

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    Steam sale?

    I've never had steam till I just downloaded yesterday, mind giving me some info about it? =3

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    Steam has sales all around the year, there should be one coming up with christmas.
    Everything goes on sale, some games as low as 90% off their original price and most at between 50 to 75% off.
    Essentially this:

    Not everyone cares to wait, but i usually wait with buying games until they're on sale unless it's something i've waited for.

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    Wow that's amazing. Pretty cool to drop that low.

    Although something came up when I was thinking it over. Since you don't exactly get a disk, does this mean I can only download and play the game on only one PC? Like if I get a new comp do I lose the game since you download it directly from steam?

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    No, you can install it on another computer that your Steam account recognizes.

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    Ah I see, well thanks for all the steam tips everyone xD

    -now back to "are tere any dota single player type games"

    So far the cloest thing someone told me to do is download LoL and play with bots all the time on both teams.

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    Well, then the closest thing to something dota-esque while being single player would be playing with bots on both teams in dota.
    Also it's not entirely like it but you might want to give magicka a look.

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    Default Re: Any Single Player game DoTA-esque?

    Diablo 3 (or Path of Exile) is probably the closest you'll ever get.



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