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  1. Basic0 How many hours it takes?

    I always have this question in my mind, asked to every friend I had and I never got a clear answer.
    How many hours it takes to make a character from scratch to 120? (with litteraly, no funding)
    I really enjoy the game, but I would like to speed up the process...

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    Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    Leisure time? A week or so.
    OMGWTPBBQ time? 2-4 hours, depending on resources.

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    Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    Depends on the class, equips , where you are training and how fast you can kill mobs. Class is important because some classes have skills that can kill mobs with AoE skills (Example: 3rd job kanna <3 ). Others don't have that luxury and have to settle with their 1st job skills to do some mob damage (Example: spearm-----warriors during the pre-ground smash era ). You already explained the equip situation but getting a lucky drop that will help you level from 50-100 (potential, scrolled really good with the scroll drops you found, etc) is something you should keep in mind if that situation were to occur. The last two points is just as important because killing a mob of monsters in 3 hits can be much much slower than killing mob of monsters in one or two hits....despite the less xp you're getting.

    Other than that, overall average: I would give it a day or two depending on how motivated you are when it comes to training. If you're lazy like me, give it an extra day to fool around or something. :3

  4. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    From experience, anywhere from 6-10 hours total (but this is with common, tradeable equips. It'll probably take a little bit longer if you don't happen to have any common tradeable equips to use). It really depends on your classes mobbing ability and its innate strength.

    I like to save the 1.5x EXP Coupon from Tot's for 80-120, if I'm doing Link Skill mules.

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    Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    If you're enjoying yourself, and especially if this is your first char, take your time. Do quests, explore. Grinding just to get there already (to 120, or wherever) takes all the fun out of the game.

    If this is your 14th link-skill mule and you just want to get it over with, then yeah, one evening can do it, provided you know exactly where to go at each level.

  6. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    It took me 4 hrs of 2x + exp pendant + merc link and no hs from 30-99
    That was on a mule that 1hko'd Copper Drakes at level 8.

  7. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    It really depends on the character. An unfunded xenon (newest class available) can get there in 2-3 days. An unfunded adventurer takes at least twice that time or most likely longer.

  8. Basic2 Re: How many hours it takes?

    Thanks for the answers, I couldn't explain what I want to do (be cause it was late and I had to sleep). So I will do it now:
    1. My main is a Chief Bandit (Level 80).
    2. My Sub-main will be a Cannonner (Level 70).
    3. I have a unused Corsair (Level 173), Hero (Level 165) and Blaze Wizard (Level 120). Those are the characters from a friend (he gave me his acc).
    4. And finally, I create some link skill mules (All in level 1): Xenon, Kaiser and Demon Class.
    I like to do quests and really enjoy the maple world but It seems that the link skills and the character cards are crucial to the game itself (a non funded character can be pretty good with the right settings). This is one of my motives to make this thread aside from the never clear answer.

  9. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    Link skills and character cards do indeed make the largest impact in terms of shaving time from new characters. It more than increases your starting hp and mp by 5 fold, and the impacts on your damage and/or exp gain are even better.

  10. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    Specifically, links that buff damage are
    Hayato: +10 all-stats, 5 atk/matk (level 70)
    Cannoneer: +15/25/35 all stats, 5/10/15% hp/mp (level 70/120/210)
    Demon Slayer: 10/15/20% boss damage
    Demon Avenger: 5/10/15% total damage
    Phantom: 10/15/20% crit rate
    Luminous: 10/15/20% ignore pdr
    Mercedes: 10/15/20% exp gain
    Xenon: 5/10% all stats (70/120)
    Kanna: 5/10% total damage

    If you're starting from 0, I'd probably prefer Demon Avenger, Xenon, Kanna, Mercedes. Any of those will make future characters quicker.

    As for character cards, the more level 100+ chars the better, that's about it really. Until you have 3 sets of S cards don't worry about specific classes.

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    Mikhail can affect exp gain in early levels, but it isn't worth prioritizing unless you intend to use it for your main class and it is useable by it. Angelic buster isn't bad, either, though it's probably the slowest of the new classes to train.

  12. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    Thanks to @Stereo; for the more detailed information, I wasn't sure about what kind of mules should make first.
    I'm still thinking if I should delete my friend's characters, I will destroy the characters sets I have atm, but I suppose I will win something better =S...

  13. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    I would keep the blaze wizard if nothing else, since it will be revamped eventually. The hero and corsair are more for if you like those characters, since they're at a relatively high level compared to everything else you have.

  14. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    I think I will drop them when I have the chance, that is why I really want to power-level the other mules. Thank you!

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    Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    AB link IMO is garbage until you get a burst DPS skill (which really either comes with hypers or not at all), but with the recent buff training them is much easier. It's still bring AF in 2nd job spamming Star Bubble, but I suppose most 2nd jobs are plagued with that.

    Lumi is too easy to train, really, but the effects on training are very minor. For bossing, though, it's a godsend. DS is the same in all those respects (slightly lower training speed, but much better benefit.)

    Mihile is a godsend for adv mage classes as it pretty much means free 100% stance versus basically none at all (because who praises infinity for the stance effect) due to free 50% buff duration. For every other class, it's garbage due due its CD relying of massive amounts of buff duration in order to make it useful for the classes that would like it. The only way to get it is through Inner Ability or Monster Life (which many see as a waste of time; I like it :P)

    IMO, if you're totally unfunded, the best damage/EXP boosts for training mules are:
    Merc - free 15% exp and free tele to any town with a cost of 2k meso every 30 minutes seems too good to pass up
    CS/Hayato - the +stat boost (and att boost for hayato) is pretty hefty for any unfunded char, with the HP from CS being icing on the cake. I'd include Jett in this category, but loljett; the default is 3 stat 3 attack at level 70/120 but varies wildly, and is a nuisance to train.
    Xenon/DA/Kanna - 10% dmg/stat boost is good, but IMO static boosts are better unless you're mildly funded (which you said you aren't)
    All the others can come as you see fit. Again IMO, you should go:
    Phantom - mostly due to my obsession with crit
    DS/Lumi/KoC(WA, DW, TB) - listed above. I included the 3 cygs here because it fits in the category as well: almost no implication in training, but huge implications in bossing.
    AB/Mihile - listed above, although I have a bias against Mihiles because I main warriors
    The only Link skill not mentioned IIRC is Kaiser, which is 15%HP.

    As for character cards:
    Xenon - stat boost for every non-mage char and Link skill
    Kaiser/AB - STR and DEX boost for relevant classes and Link skills (albeit not very beneficial)
    Lumi- INT boost for relevant classes (they aren't many, sadly) and Link skill (albeit not very beneficial)
    From here the char cards don't boost training much but are helpful nonetheless:
    Marksman/Hayato - more obsession with crit
    DA/Kanna - 3% boss and Link skill
    DS - 3% status resist and Link skill
    Merc/Mech - makes buff skills with CD more useful *cough*AB*cough*Mihile*cough*
    Battle Mage - If/When the damage reduction applies to %HP based attacks, it will be a must. For now, it's garbage.

    You should always aim for a resistance set because many of their individual effects are useful (Xenon, DA, DS, Mech)
    Pirate set is also pretty good with AB, Xenon or Mech, and another Pirate (in your case it could be your corsair, but any not-resistance pirate i.e Mech will do, like a TB) for free 6% PDR and keeping your Resistance set intact. I personally don't have need for another Pirate class, but some do for this reason.

    Aside from those pointers, it's really up to you. I personally have a Warrior set even though it's garbage because I have access to those characters through Link skills alone and the individual effects are appealing, so I just lumped them together for a free, if not miniscule, bonus. Maybe a TB would be more beneficial so I can swap my warrior set with a pirate set as well as gaining another link.

    You maybe will consider making an archer by combining WA, Merc, and Marksman for Final attack damage, if that is more beneficial to you. Those decisions will be made in due time.

    Just remember that training this many characters wears down on you, takes its toll, if you don't take your time. Have fun with it, and explore what's left of Maple :]

    I wish I could tl;dr, but it seems like I can't, so... long post?
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  16. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    I disagree, mikhail link is very good even if you have 80% stance like i do, but only in the cases where super KB exists. Also you don't need "massive" buff duration to make it useful. A single mech card cuts the cooldown a significant amount and there is literally no reason not to have a mech card in your deck regardless of class.

    Merc is even more useless than cannoneer card. It isn't worth using a card slot for the purpose of shaving seconds off of 1 or 2 at most important skills.

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    Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    I can't sit and train for hours on end, so if I really am determined to get a class to 120, it takes me anywhere from 1-2 weeks :I

  18. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    @tecul1; I really appreciate your explanation. I wasn't sure about the character cards, but now I do. (It didn't need a tl;dr section cause I love to read guides and info like these ).
    @Takebacker; Does Mikhail falls behind in the grinding?, I really like the idea of the link skill.
    @icephoenix21; I can do it but not everyday, be cause I got tired a little bit quickly.

  19. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    No his grinding pace is pretty average. Good mobility and solid attacks in all advancements. I've opted to use him for doing attendance all the time for his ease of use.

  20. Default Re: How many hours it takes?

    @Takebacker; Cool, I will give him a shot.

    Two days passed and I'm levelling my DA, he's level 45. I'm happy be cause it took me a total of 4 or 5 hours. Really hope I can keep up the pace =X.



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