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  1. Default Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    This website has been popping up lately. It seems that the Google+ integrations might have caused people to look for another site that might succeed or at least, get away from Google.

    Look at this site, it does have a similar feel to the old Youtube and although it doesn't have it's own video player, it plays well.

    What do you think of this? Would Wenoo catch on or just fade away as people will just suck up the changes on Youtube?

  2. the Immutable Neuter
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    Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    It's contending against the giant Google..
    My bets are on either Google will cave in to their uses demands, or their shareholders start looking for alternatives, people will keep peaching but just keep using Youtube anyways.

  3. Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    That site looks ugly as pomegranate.

    On a srs note;
    No, it won't catch on.
    Unless the big people at youtube decide to move to another site, like Pewdiepie.

  4. Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    The site looks pretty ugly and the player doesn't have much functionality. I can't even skip to the middle of a video unless it has streamed in already, which is generally a waste of time.

    It doesn't have a chance in its current state, regardless of how much people are annoyed at YouTube (myself included).

  5. Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    No matter what google does to youtube they know that they have complete control over their users :s

    In at most a month everyone will have gotten used to the google+ integration.

    That doesn't mean it doesn't still suck though.
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  6. Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    Honestly, Nico is a much better alternative to Youtube if it had a larger western userbase.

    The site you linked to looks like it'll die out within a year. "Competing" with Youtube is like competing with Steam... it isn't going to ever happen. Sure, they had rough starts, but at their origins they had no competition whatsoever. Now that they're complete gods in their respective markets, nobody can ever hope to overthrow them. You can't bring a "growing" service to compete, you literally need to have years of development before even ENTERING the fray or you get beaten out. You aren't competing with the OLD Youtube, or the OLD Steam, you're competing with what they are today.

    The only negative about the Google+ integration has just been the pomegranatety comments section. Nobody is complaining about anything other than the comments.

  7. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
    IGN: Helsinki
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    Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    If the top youtubers moved away to another site, they would pretty much need to get another job then. People like pewdiepie make millions for just playing games. Smosh has actually managed to make a media empire of some size (main channel, second channel, gaming channel, animation series, merchandise, own magazine) cause of Youtube.

    Who would give all that away? I wouldn't.

  8. Trump minus th money
    IGN: xparasite9
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    Default Re: Wenoo - Possible Contender for Youtube

    No, pewdiepie makes money by being "zany" and randumb.



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