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  1. Default How should i raise my damage

    So my DW is lvl 162 and he hits 90K~180K and i want to raise the cap to manage hit 200k and make boss easier to me...

    Here my equips:


    Face Accessory








    2H Sword





    I've got 4 rings:
    1. Curbrock ring
    2. Platinum Cross Ring
    3. Epinea Ring
    4. Lagendary Ring

    Plus i forgot to add that i have the tresure hunt glass as eye accessory...

    Right now i'm serching for a lvl 140-160 weapon but what can i change? what should i do to raise my damage?
    (Stay in mind that I dont have lots of money...)

  2. Default Re: How should i raise my damage

    Of course, you can always upgrade your stuff into higher level, stronger options. The thing is that it is potential that weight the most by far when it comes to just about everything. A better weapon would give you the biggest increase, if potential is out of your reach.

    In your case, I'd get a decent weapon, followed by making sure that every equip slot had at least 3% main stat. Once that is done, aim for 6% and so on.

    I don't know what your goal is by upgrading, but you are pretty far from what you need to have a chance at most higher bosses. I don't say this to discourage you, it is more my own jaded perspective of this game and the level of investment that is needed these days.

  3. Default How should i raise my damage

    Your cape is garbage go hunt bosses in magnus area and get a nova preferably with relevant potential.

    Look for a top and bottom instead of that overall. You can get those kind of stats on both pieces.

    Your could probably buy a clean loveless and get a large boost from just that. Farm event scrolls or something until you get at least 5 passes of 5 att or higher scrolls to be satisfied.

    Upgrading to higher level things is what you should do and there's a lot of farming you can do to get simple upgrades. Occult cubes drop now so you can use that to not have garbage potential. Gollux is pretty easy and the accessories are amazing.

    Link skills and character deck are also huge. There's a massive difference between no deck and no links and a full deck and all links. That is luckily just a time investment though.

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    Well i know my cape is crappy as hell, as i said I dont have money and apperntly i need to finish helisium quests which i didnt know that...
    Btw, where i can find loveless weapon?
    and off course i want to upgrade my stuff, i'm tring to get lvl 140 gollux accessories onkly because they are good... Still didnt rey to kill him... i should try that

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    Loveless weapons comes from Chaos Pink Bean, or gashapon box events/Wheel of Marvels. You are in Khaini, there are a few legit FM sellers who sells them for pretty cheap.
    We also have a certain pair of brothers who sell them, but if you care about ethics, they should not get your business.

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    While there is the RED event I think i will wait little bit so price will fall down but how rare is Nova equips from the helisium boss?



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