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Thread: [Windia] Somewhat big price check

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    Sorry if this in the wrong forum section but I wasn't quite sure where to put this at, but as the title states since I had recently got my account back from being hacked by my so called "friend" in real life I had found quite a bit of items he had left me on my account, and other mule accounts I had so I was just wondering if any of these items would help me get mesos again so I can fund my DB up a bit more(thank god most of my DB gear didn't get stolen) but anyway here is the list
    9 - 5 star enhancement
    4 - 2 star enhancement
    2 - 50% hammer
    3 - 20% no boom clean slate
    2 - lucky scrolls
    4 - incredibile chaos scroll of goodness
    clean maple beryl heart
    permanent ebony pimperil cape
    summeroid male egg
    The enhancement, hammer, clean slates, lucky scrolls, and incred chaos scrolls are all untradeable so that would be scroll selling service if people still do that anymore. All replies would be appreciated, also if anyone in windia plays i'm looking for new friends since majority of my old friends had quit.

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    Really dont think the enhance scrolls service will be booming seeing that the only protects cost a crap load. Would hold off on that service until protects are back in the cs

    50% hammer you can sell easy for 60m

    you should use the incredible scrolls to scroll rings and pends to sell for mesos. Fuse a couple to epic get bonus pot that has att and go from their. Seeing that their is a decent amount of rings/pends from the black friday shop that is in circulation

    I would hold on to the heart they are still pretty cheap

    summeriod seen sold for 180m max unsold for 250m

    20% no booms 200m

    lucky day scrolls just add those on weapons like empress. Sell them a bit higher than the regular price

    add me in game reuunosuke ^_^

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    Hm I'll give a rough about range if this helps- (These were last I seen, not that recently)
    Maple Beryl Heart - 70-8xm
    Lucky Day 75-100m
    Permanent ebony pimperil cape - Hm around 100m?

    You might want to skim through the fm to see recent prices for the other tradeable stuff.



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