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  1. Default Final Big Scrolling Event [at least for awhile]?

    Well, RED is coming in december, and with it new scrolls to scroll all your shiny stuff with.

    Then it sorta hit me. Is this the last big scrolling event for a while? FLY didn't introduce a shop [i think], and I haven't seen anything in korea that resembles scroll like the event ones we've had [unleashed and upcoming RED].

    Does this mean that this will be the last chance to get top notch scrolling done till most likely maple aniversary? [and even then I'm not even sure the aniversary scrolls compared to unleashed and RED]. Even then, goodness chaos scrolls aren't that available during those times [ can't remember if we got them during this aniversary], and would RED be the final time to get a good amount of scrolls?

    I'm well aware Nexon can do w.e thehell they want with events and just toss scrolls at anytime, but I want to just put that fact aside for now. Is there some some other events that NexonKr held that gave out these kinds of scrolls?

  2. Default Final Big Scrolling Event [at least for awhile]?

    Red is the only real tier 1 update left. The next "good" shop will be in the winter update which we don't even know the name of so anni will be more likely to get first.

  3. Default Re: Final Big Scrolling Event [at least for awhile]?

    So basically, it's pretty much "Get all your pomegranate scrolled now because the forseable future does not have anything worthwhile," right?

    Guess I'm gonna farm hardcore on several chars for those miracle chaos goodness scrolls to use on my ra gear.

  4. Default Re: Final Big Scrolling Event [at least for awhile]?

    The 10th Anniversary scrolls are brilliant.

    60% 1H/2H Weapon Scroll: +5~6 ATK and MATK (I actually find these rather lacking)
    60% Armor/Accessory Scroll: +5~6 All Stats
    40%/30% Boom 1H/2H Weapon Scrolls: +3 All Stats, +10 ATK and MATK (I find this awesome, if you can afford to use these, they're probably the best weapon scrolls)
    40%/30% Boom Armor/Accessory Scroll: +10 All Stats

    Though, when jMS got their 10th anniversary, the 40% weapon scrolls were nerfed to 5atk/matk I believe.

  5. Default Re: Final Big Scrolling Event [at least for awhile]?

    Those scrolls look godly on an all scroll work item...

    +120 all stat overall with +70 all stat helm would be pretty cool on a xenon for cheap power.



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