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  1. Default 50 All Stat Vs. 30 M.Att

    Or rather, 50% Unleashed Scrolls Vs. 50% RED Scrolls.
    My question is how can I prove how one is better than the other? I assume I would have to find my Int:M.Att ratio, correct? But is that all that needs to be done? I just need to find out if ~1.7 Int would beat 1 M.Att, right? And is the formula (4*INT+LUK)/(4*MAtk) still correct, or is there a better one I should be using?

    I have some 50% Unleashed Scrolls that I've been saving and they expire on December 2nd (supposedly 1-2 days before RED, so I need to figure this out before then so I know if I should use them or let them expire).

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    If I understand the damage formulae correctly it's all linear anyway so you could brute force it, see how much +1 static INT and +1 static Matk give with your equips on, then compare directly taking into account potential boosts in Matk%, Damage% or INT% from weapon pote as needed, since they're easy to add up. This'd be pretty trivial to find out with some of the worst Alchemy pots (INT potion I and Matk potion I).

    Maybe there's a better, more analytical way though.

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    (4*INT + LUK) / (4*INT% + LUK%) all stat = MATK / MATK% magic atk

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    Well all the % should be 100% + INT% or something but I was too lazy to type that all in.

  5. Default Re: 50 All Stat Vs. 30 M.Att

    Oh yeah, good idea. I always forget those potions exist.


    K, so by my math, M.Att is significantly better. That's what I was thinking but I just wanted some confirmation.



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