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    Honestly; the ps4, right now, doesn't have much games to offer that I would enjoy a lot.

    Imma wait for uncharted/infamous/the division or a price drop.
    I bet they'll drop the price within 2014.

    @Video The placement of that ps4 worries me. It looks like someone can bump into it.

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    What. How can you watch the same video I did and have those as topics you'd want to vocally discuss?

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    Don't get me wrong, as entertaining as I found that to be, those AR games aren't exactly something that would keep me too entertained for very long. Sure it's a cute thing to play with, and kids might love it, but what we want is actual video games. I said it in the other PS4 thread, but as much as I want a PS4 now, there's little reason to upgrade from a PS3 when there aren't really any PS4 exclusive titles that are really too interesting that aren't coming out for the PS3 too.

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    You wanna talk about what Jimmy fallon was wearing?
    Or how he was SO amazed by this not-so-amazing game that it kinda made him look old? lol
    Honestly that game is not as impressing as he makes it look like.

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    ....I'm exactly the type of person they are marketing for aren't they :(

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    Are we... weird? I don't care about the next FF game or the level of detail your physics engine can achieve. I just want an army of smiling little pineappleers buzzing around whenever I give them a ball to play with. ;_;

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    I KNOW RIGHT, like I thought kingdom hearts 3 was going to win me over then i was like "lol i just want to know what happens, the game bore me now", THEN THIS HAPPENS.



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