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  1. Default Wonderking 2 OBT started.

    Wonderking 2 OBT started.
    Do you wanna play? what is your opinion!?
    Wonderking 2 OBT Details
    the game is similar to maple story

  2. Default Re: Wonderking 2 OBT started.

    Wait, what? The Korean version is just NOW in Open Beta? The Japanese version has been out for a while - since April, I believe. I've been playing it with my friend.

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    Dude has just been blog spamming everywhere. Got pissy at me earlier for saying so.

    holy pomegranate

    Oh he edited it

    HOLY pomegranate IT KEEPS GOING


    Edit 3: Updated again

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    Default Re: Wonderking 2 OBT started.

    "Also I didn't get any negative comment on SouthPerry."

    Maybe cause like 90% of your topics here have 0 replies? Can't get negative comments if people don't really care.
    Regardless, that reply is massively hilarious. I can't tell if he was serious or he's a massive hypocritical tryhard.

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    Not a clue. I think hes just spewing out random garbage honestly. I can't really follow along.

    I reported his blog to the Reddit admins. I'll be PMing Eos shortly after I post this.

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    Default Re: Wonderking 2 OBT started.

    This is the birth of a new Copy-Pasta.

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    no go spit on your face. i am a good human who ever did a bad thing. those people always want to make people think doing bad thing is normal. sorry bad inglando pls no copy pasterino.



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