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  1. Default New champion - Yasuo

    A Sword without a Sheath

    What is a sword without the man behind it? Teaching a swordsman to kill is simple. The true challenge lies in teaching him not to kill.

    When I watched my young brother Yasuo begin training, he breathed life into the blade at first touch. One heard whispers in the halls comparing him to the sword masters of old. But as he grew and his skills increased, so did his ego. He was impetuous and boastful; he ignored our master's lessons and knew nothing of patience.

    Fearing my brother had strayed too far from the way, I went not to warn him, but to make an appeal to his honor. I gave him a maple seed, our school's highest lesson in humility…one Yasuo seemed to have forgotten. A seed is just a seed, but given time one may come to know the beauty it holds within. Yasuo took my gift, and the following day he accepted a modest guard post. I had high hopes he would learn the patience and virtue required of a true swordsman.

    It was not to be.

    Today, Yasuo committed an act of treason by murdering the very person he was sworn to protect. He has betrayed his nation, his friends, and himself. Were it not for my actions, I wonder if he would have been swept down this dark path. But my task is not to question; I must bear the burden of my duty. At first light tomorrow, I set out to capture a sword without a sheath: my brother Yasuo.

  2. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I am unable to edit my post.

    Before anyone asks, people think the new champion is Yone. The only proof I have of anything otherwise is

    This was someone who toured Riot and basically broke their NDA.

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    Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I remembered Riot saying they want to release a support by the end of this year. If so, this is either the support or there might not be one.

  4. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    "Teaching a swordsman to kill is simple. The true challenge lies in teaching him not to kill."

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    Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    > People in those comments calling him a Ninja.
    >> Calling Master Yi a Ninja too.

    Regardless he looks pretty badass. Not a fan of the hairstyle, but eh.

  6. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I will be okay with him if he can support but still fight, don't waste this potential, Roit! I would honestly prefer a fighter instead of a support though.

    If he is a support, he could have an ability like Talon' cutthroat, but instead he instantly appears in front of an ally, either shielding them, or maybe giving them move speed, and then being able to do some sort of draw sword attack that slows or something in an cone in front. That would be awesome.

  7. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I'd rather a caster than a melee carry, especially if it is a samurai style champion.

  8. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    INB5 4th ADC/Marksman this year.

  9. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    >People calling it ADC/Marksman
    >Will most likely Melee/Assassin Melee/Bruiser
    >People not knowing the difference between the two.

  10. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I was joking Dj. I know the difference ._. also how would a samurai even act as a marksman?

  11. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    inb4 he ends up AP mid

    But honestly, he looks like an assassin type.

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    Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    Goddammnit no scythes yet again.

  13. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    Top picture kind of has a Samurai Jack feel to it to me. Second picture reminds me that I hate those maple tree helicopters so much... Interesting lore bit though, me likey

  14. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    Super excited for him! I hope he is a top laner and is more bruisery Q_Q.
    still more excited about Ao Shin tho

  15. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    I'm wondering if they'll release this champion and give it away for free to the JP Servers.

  16. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    Throwing swords? ..

  17. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    That was sort of the joke I was leaning towards. @Derosis; is just dense.

  18. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    Don't worry Cobby one. I am still there with you on the Scythe thing. But then again, Scythes aren't very functional unless it works like a Darius like style. Sides if it bugs you enough, go play with that Karthus Skin.

    I plead the 5th. I also wasn't meaning you by the way. Most people forget that champions like Renekton are bruisers and yet they'll call them a carry or a tank or whatever. Just ranting about things. etc etc.

    My best guess is he'll probably play a Solo Lane carry role, or a Jungler role. And if I remember correctly his is in celebration of the JP servers opening up.

  19. Default Re: New Summoner - Yasuo

    If its Yone well... then it makes sense considering the text. If its Yasuo, I expect Yone coming out soon after because the text says Yone is taking off to hunt Yasuo.

    I wish Yasuo was Yi with a changed name, so I could take Yone to beat the cr@p out of that pineappleing pomegranatety champ



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