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    I was digging through some old threads, and found this.

    We know that item drop rate potential can be obtained on legendary tier accessories, which include:
    • Pendants
    • Belts (?)
    • Eye accessories
    • Face accessories
    • Earrings
    • Rings

    But I've never seen this potential on a belt before, even though it's considered an accessory. Can item drop rate be obtained on belts as well?

    As for the question of lesser importance:

    IF the calculation for drop rate is modeled the same way as EXP gained, then it should be an additive system:
    in which the bonuses (i.e. event) should only be affecting the Base (1x), independent of the other bonuses.

    As opposed to a multiplicative system:
    I realize that there's no effective method to test additional drop rate, asides from observing certain bosses with exceptionally low rates.

    Nevertheless, my question is, would two items with drop rates (ex. +10%, +10%) be better than just one item with drop rate (ex. +20%)? Seeing how 1.1 * 1.1 > 1.2, following a multiplicative pattern. Or, would two items be weighted equally as one item? Seeing how 1 + 0.1 + 0.1 = 1 + 0.2, following an additive pattern.

    Any insight on this topic, including personal experiences, is appreciated.

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    Belts don't get item drop.

    You can test meso drop if you find a mob that gives a fixed amount of meso (no variation in mesos given). The only things that affect the amount of mesos a bag gives are Phantom char card and 2x events though. Maybe mesos obtained potential too but I don't have an item to test that with. Tested spider, mesos per meso bag was the same with and without.

    Presumably meso drop and item drop will function the same way, and meso drops can be directly tested while item drops cannot.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, there's potential for Mesos Obtained (+10%, +15%, +20%), so I'll test your idea when my card begins.

    Big Spiders don't increase the amount of mesos, but rather, the drop rate of mesos (according to the familiar description), so expectedly the amount of mesos per bag should not have changed. Also, which monsters give a static amount of mesos per bag?

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    Idk any mobs that give them right now.
    I remember some event mobs like Thieving Jewel Moon Bunnies gave a fixed amount of mesos.

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    I'll just have to obtain a large sample of data and average the numbers, I guess. Probably not worth the time though. The multiplicative sum of two items being better than one item, even if true, would hardly change the outcome anyway.

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    Default Re: Item Drop Rate Potential

    The way to test these is actually through items that drop a lot, rather than rare boss drops.

    Take your looting pet and go to a map where you won't be interrupted. Cycle it for an hour, and note everything you gained: how much exp ( = how many mobs killed), how many meso, etc, potions, medals of honor, and any reasonably common event drops.

    Then change whatever you want to change (e.g., switch out the two 10% items for one 20% one), and do the same thing again.

    Then calculate whether there's a significant difference between the drops you got (averaged per kill).

    Items like equips, scrolls, or recipes, that don't drop that often, may give you skewed results. The difference between 10 and 11 in an hour seems huge, but it really is within the range of random. However, if you gather 1000 etc's in one case and 1100 of them in the other (for the same number of kills), that would indicate that there is a real difference.

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    I got 8/100 Thunder Stone on 1x
    16/100 on 20% x 7 15% x 2

    Could probably test spider vs 2 20% since 160% = 160%

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    wolf = 22/100
    20% x 7 = 45/100
    20% x 5 = 16/100

    Inconclusive so far, results are everywhere.

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    Default Re: Item Drop Rate Potential

    Do 1000 kills instead of 100, then we can start seeing something reasonably consistent.

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    I'll probably do 3 days worth of kill 300 for ToT masks or something.

    The hourglass mobs are too low to count toward kill 300 right?

  11. Default Re: Item Drop Rate Potential

    Eyes of Time and Memory Monks are too low leveled to be counted for kills.

  12. Default Re: Item Drop Rate Potential

    Ok good, wouldn't want those getting in the way lol

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    Mask drop rate too low lol

    Not sure if I want to count 5000 kills manually

    Uh I tried counting mobs by exp gained at Oblivion 5 but stupid 3!6!9! exp event activated in the middle.

    Oh god

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    88/200 smiley/conehat
    84/204 neutral/conehat
    88/201 frowny/conehat

    Conehat is 100% drop rate

    on 2x drop 2x event 2x wolf
    wealth accumulation potion
    20% x7 20% x6 15% x 2 item drop rate potential

    If anyone wants to kill a billion mobs on lower drop rate to see if that's x25.92 or x45.4920634368 x24 or x37.910052864 or something else, feel free. I'm not going to bother though
    Last edited by MountLag; 2013-11-23 at 05:12 PM. Reason: lol didn't have one of my drop pendants equipped for some reason, had one number wrong too

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    A lower levelled character could try Dark Cornians hidden map, or Overlords in Tera Forest. Else it's going to be Nest Golems or Skeles, though the spawn is a little lacklustre. It is imperative to not have the Eye of Time screwing things up, and to negate the effect of 3!6!9! event a single-monster-type map must be used.


  16. Default Re: Item Drop Rate Potential

    Or just get something to drop 100%. Then # of that item looted = number of kills.



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