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    So in tomorrow's patch, GPQ's returning to MSEA.
    If anyone has done it before, may I know how it's done? Or at least give a guide on the stages itselves. Thanks in advance!

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    When GMS got GPQ back, it was completely unchanged from what it used to be. (Well, except enemies are no longer deadly)
    So google any ancient guide, it will still fit.

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    While we're on the topic of Guild PQ, I'm surprised they haven't implanted some GP (Guild Point) reward for completing it. Since we have such a limited number of ways of obtaining GPQ, it would have been nice if added that in there. :(

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    There is, the guild leader (or juniors?) who led the PQ receive GP at the end, and there are certain parts which award the others with like 10 GP, but I don't know which parts for sure.

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    rewards are pretty lame now, back then they used to be niceeee



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