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Thread: Breeding Thread

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    Default Breeding Thread

    Light those scented candles, play some soul music and get some sweet lovin' started.

    It's the breeding thread! many times requested. Talk about your breeding projects, ask for requests, offer pokemon. ect ect.

    If there are any guides or info you want me to compile here, just say so and i'll add them to the first post so that you can find them easily.

    Breeding Guide:
    Breeding is only possible between a Male and Female Pokemon of the same Egg Group. All 721 pokemon are in at least 1 Egg Group, some are in 2. When breeding 2 pokemon of different species, the resulting Egg will contain the same species as the mother. When breeding with Ditto, the pokemon's gender does not matter.

    There are 15 Egg Groups in total:
    Egg Groups

    To find out a Pokemon's Egg Group, you can check either Bulbapedia through the search bar or check the Serebii XY Pokedex.

    Using Egg Groups, you can chain breed IV's and natures onto a Pokemon. An example I did personally was to breed IV's from a Joltik (Bug Egg Group) onto a Surskit (Bug and Water 1 Egg Groups), I then bred the IV's from the Surskit to my Lotad (Grass and Water 1) and then finally onto various other pokemon in the Grass Egg Group, which in turn connects to various other egg groups, including Field, Human-like, Monster, ect ect.

    IV's (or Individual Values) are what make every pokemon different. Each pokemon has an Individual Value for each of the 6 stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed). IV's range from 0 to 31. 2 Pokemon of the exact same species, nature and level would have different stats depending on their IV's. For competitive play, people often strive for 31 IV's in all stats, which can be a difficult feat.

    Beginning in Generation 6, the hold item Destiny Knot, obtained from a woman near one of the alleys in Lumiose after defeating her in a battle, will guarantee 5 IV's are passed from one of the 2 pokemon. 5 Guaranteed IV's out of a pool of 12 (6 for one parent, 6 for another) means that breeding pokemon with high IV's is easier than ever.

    Pokemon caught in Friend Safari have at least 2 guaranteed 31 IV's. Pokeradar chaining also allows you to get pokemon with good IV's. every 20 chains with the Pokeradar guarantees 1 IV will be 31, up to a maximum of 3 perfect IV's.

    IV's can be checked accurately with an IV calculator. You can also get a vague overview from a the Psychic in the Pokecenter in Kiloude City. If he says a pokemon has incredible potential that can't go any further, it's a perfect 31 IV's.

    Natures are also important, giving a 10% Boost to one stat, while giving a 10% lowering of another stat. This extra 10% stat increase can mean a big difference in competitive play.
    For more information on Natures, look here.
    Eggs born from a parent holding an Everstone will always have the same Nature as the parent holding it.

    Hidden Abilities
    Hidden Abilities can be passed on through breeding. In Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon with hidden abilites can be rarely found in Horde Battles, or in Friend Safari, providing that friend has been online at the same time as you at least once since you added them.

    Breeding Rate and Hatching Rate
    Not all Pokemon will breed like rabbits straight away, it depends on numerous factors. 2 different species, caught in the same game, would breed very slowly. If one of the parents was traded from another person, they would breed slightly faster. 2 pokemon of the same species will also breed faster than 2 pokemon of differing species.
    Ideally, 2 pokemon of the same species, one being obtained from a trade, is the fastest way to breed.
    The Oval Charm key item, obtained by capturing all Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex, increases breeding rate too.
    Oval Charm

    To Hatch an egg, you need to walk a lot. Eggs require a certain amount of steps to hatch, and the amount can differ depending on the species of pokemon. The amount of steps required can be halved by having a Pokemon with the abilities Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party. The amount of steps required can be reduced by half again by using the Hatching Power O-Power. This O-Power is obtained from Mr. Bonding in Introspection Cafe in Southern Lumiose City. For him to appear there, you have to have found all the other O-Powers and have maximum Style in Lumiose City. Style can be increased in various ways, but who gives a crap when you can just cheat by buying Premier Balls from the Pokeball Boutique one at a time until you get max Style.

    Egg Moves
    Pokemon can only get certain moves through breeding, through this, a pokemon can get a move it does not typically learn by inheriting it from another species. An example would be Lotad, which does not get Giga Drain or Leech Seed, but can hatch with them both if the parent breeds with a Maractus with those 2 moves. To see what pokemon learn which egg moves, check out their individual pages on Bulbapedia or Serebii.

    Shiny Pokemon, Masuda Method
    Hatching a shiny pokemon is the same rare chance of finding one in the wild (1/8192), however, the Masuda Method brings the chance of finding a shiny pokemon way up, to 1/1365. This can still take a long time to find a shiny, but it is much more reasonable.
    The Masuda Method works by breeding 2 pokemon with different languages. In Pokemon X and Y, pokemon from a different language have a mark on their status screen which shows they are foreign (for example, having SPA for a Spanish pokemon, or JPN for a Japanese one). Different language pokemon can be easily obtained through Wonder Trade or the GTS.

    Useful Links
    IV Calculator
    How to breed competitive Pokemon from scratch (But you don't need this now, right? after all my hard work?) :(
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  2. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Hurray finally.

    You should add these links.

    Maybe confine all that info into a brief tutorial and some tips, then people will get ready for some fun and messy breeding.

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    Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Just hatched this a minute ago!


  4. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Hax. :c I wannntttt~

    Here's an important lesson for breeding kids, check your movesets for egg moves before IV breeding, otherwise you're going to spend hours of your life on nothing 8D Source: Experience

  5. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Good tip for aspiring Masterbreeders (lol):
    ✰ Once you have your Fletchinder (flame body mule) and 5 eggs in your party
    1) Fly to Lumiose City's center. Go to the tower area, and go about 1/2 into the ring.
    2) Get on your bike, and move your thumbpad to the right.
    3) Put something underneath it on the left. (can be paper, dime, whatever) and it'll automatically rotate the camera and move.
    4) You can then spam "b" when the notice comes up.

    More helpful tips:
    ✰ Have a Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir with the 'Synchronize' ability, one of every useful nature (jolly, adamant, timid, modest, careful, etc) Having it in your lead slot (fainted or healthy) makes it a 50% chance of wild pokemon having the same nature (useful in friend safari)

    ✰ Have two Skitties with cute charm (male and female) this allows for easier finding of rarer gendered pokemon, such as female starter pokemon in the friend safari.

    ✰ Have Dittos of every useful nature caught in friend safari: they come with 2/3 perfect IV's, and if you're breeding for 5 perfect IV's anyway, you can use the one with the correct nature first +everstone, then just rotate the everstone out to the kids (who will 100% have the correct nature) and have a destiny knot on the next ditto with different perfect IV's (allowing for better IV transfer) This speeds up breeding for the 5 IV's (HP, Defense, Special Defense, Speed, (Sp) Attack)

    ✰ProTip: If you can get your hands on a friend safari ditto from a different region, that means you have an increased shiny rate on all the pokemon you breed! woohoo!

    -Comprehensive Way that I breed-

    1) Acquire Pokemon that I want, preferably from friend safari (gives 31 IV's). If it needs a hidden ability (found in friend safari), prioritize that. Have a Ralts with preferred nature in lead slot and catch many.
    2) Sift among caught pokemon, look for one that is ideal (Perfect nature, Ability, At least 2 31 IV's not in the type of attack I won't use) We will call this the base pokemon.
    3) Use a ditto. Hidden abilities are now high chance of passing on with a ditto, regardless of gender. Make sure that this ditto has two different perfect IV's than the one on your base pokemon.
    4) Slap the everstone on the pokemon that has the preferred nature, and put a destiny knot on the other pokemon.
    5) Breed like crazy, until you get a 3/4 IV pokemon. (Checked by the Judge in Kiloude Poke Center)
    6) Replace the base pokemon with its child if it has higher IV's.
    7) Look through your ditto collection (nature doesn't matter) and look for the one with the highest amount of IV's, disregarding the type of attack you don't care about. Specifically, in stats that your pokemon is missing at this point.

    Example: If your Torchic (looking for attack) has HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed, you would look for:
    A Ditto with special defense and at least another stat (not special attack)
    Example: If your Torchic (looking for attack) has HP, Attack, and Speed, you would look for:
    Ideally a ditto with Defense and Special Defense, but a ditto with just one works as well.

    8) Repeat process. At this point, you might get a pokemon with the opposite gender to your base pokemon, with more IV's *But still including the one(s) that your base pokemon are missing, ie, the ones that you were looking for when looking for the ditto* Then, and ONLY then, is it acceptable to switch the destiny knot over to the child pokemon and put it in the day-care.
    9) Breed like mad. This is the most infuriating step of the process.
    10) Succeed with your 5 IV pokemon!!

    Sorry for my poor english, I can help clarify things
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    Another thing that may not be as obvious.

    In the summary of a pokemon, on the bottom screen there's a place under the portrait with a star, square, circle, triangle, etc. These are called marks and when you get your IV checked by the Psychic in Kiloude, you should mark the corresponding best stats he states. There are conveniently 6 different marks that can signify HP, Atk, Def, Spa, Spd, Spe.

    If you're diligent enough in marking each pokemon you check, you can sift through dozens of boxes and find the IVs of a pokemon you want without checking back with the psychic.

    Edit for more tips:

    If you're breeding for abilities, the male's ability has no factor on whether the ability passes down (unless the partner is a ditto). This means any friend safari male or hatched males with the wrong ability will always be useful if they have good IVs. The only time this doesn't apply is if you're breeding with a ditto, then it takes the male ability and even the hidden ability at a low chance. However, unless you have a 4iv ditto, you should always have better partners that the dittos you catch.

    For females, one breeded or caught with the ability you don't want shouldn't be considered at all for any of your plans. However, pokemon have a 60% chance to pass their hidden ability, if they don't then you'll be defaulted to any of your normal ability. If you have a female with a hidden ability but you want a normal instead, you can still use that female if you really want and you have to pray down the line that it will eventually default.

    Also, passing down a regular ability is an 80% chance, so prepare to rage if you get a girl with flawless IVs and the wrong ability.

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    Default Re: Breeding Thread

    I should probably do this instead of naming each one its ivs, names barely fit half the time

  8. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Finally have 5iv Mawiles.

    Currently have Excadrills, Mawiles, and Reuniclus with 5ivs.

    Not sure what my next project will be.

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    I see most things were covered already but there's a few points I'd like to share.

    1. If the Daycare Man has an egg for you, he will face the road in front of the Daycare; otherwise, he'll be facing the fence. This is a nice feature since you don't have to constantly be checking in with him to check if the egg is ready or not.

    2. Males can not pass down hidden abilities to the child if breeding with another Poke in the related egg group; only females can do this. However, a male breeding with a Ditto can pass down hidden abilities.

    3. Pokemon in the Friend Safari will only have access to their hidden abilities in the wild when all three Pokemon in the Safari have been unlocked; the third unlocks when the owner of the Safari defeats the Elite Four and connects to the Internet afterwards.

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    Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Egg Moves from the Mother have priority.
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    That's only the case when the egg appears right as the Daycare Man is on screen; simply take the Daycare Man off screen a bit or go into the Daycare itself and you'll find he turned around anyway with an Egg; he can't turn around on-screen so just walking until he is facing the road is reliable and saves time.

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    Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Yes, but usually you get a feel on when he'll have an egg or not. If he hasn't turned around but I know there is a high chance he most likely has an egg due to the last time I got an egg I'll go for it.

  13. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Finally got a 5 IV Modest male Goomy from Japan from the GTS at the cost of a Delcatty! For some odd reason the Japanese love putting Counter on their Goomy and most if not all trades from Japan have the message saying "numenume" which is some slimy sound. Japanese name for Goomy is Numera.

    I'm starting to get a lot of 4 IV Goomy offspring, but at least they're all Modest and whatever shiny I hatch will get a guaranteed 4 IVs as well as Counter.

    Edit: Just hatched my first 6 IV Gooey Modest Goomy with Counter. Feeling proud.

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    I bred a bunch of Adamant Thick Fat Swinubs with stealth rock and icicle crash. Managed to get one 5 IV one for myself within like 60 eggs I think. I guess that wasn't bad.

  15. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    Fletchinder or Talonflame is better as of Gen 6, as they have access to fly - checking with the judge at Kiloude City/making easy laps at Lumiose City almost requires you to have fly, and having an extra spot in your party dedicated to a flying instead of an extra egg can be bad in the long run when you're breeding for 5 IV's.
    Ditto with 3 IV's would be nice, but keep in mind that 2 IV's is the regular one from friend safari.. and that you don't need both types of attack, unless you're going hybrid.

  16. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    I prefer even sets of 4, but that's just me. You should be mass catching for 3 iv's ditto's, I have about 12 of them myself.

  17. Default Re: Breeding Thread

    I just try to get as many eggs as I can, LOL
    I, too, use 3 IV ditto's, just saying that people shouldn't be expecting that 3 IV ditto's aren't the norm in friend safari.

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    Default Re: Breeding Thread

    So far I've managed to make one 6 IV. It's a goomy (male) with sap sipper). I was trying for female with gooey :\ I have a few 5IV of those though so I might stick to a 5IV one.

    I just started on fletchlings and am finally up to a 5IV with a few 4 IVs (all adamant). Unfortunately the 5IV is missing HP instead of missing S.Att. :\
    Oh well, I'll keep going :D

    I'll be working on Marill next :D Trying to decide on a good moveset. I have a bellydrum aquajet thanks to a helpful SPer :D I guess play rough is the next obvious choice.... need a 4th move and possibly something else since I'm not a fan of bellydrum :\

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    So there's this method that takes advantage of the RNG and the Destiny Knot mechanics. Easy way to get 4-5IV pokemon without having to hatch multiple eggs. Still just as time consuming, but worth it if you don't have as much time to randomly wait for all the hatched ones to get multiple IVs. Got a 4 max IV bagon on the first try :D Granted I'm still looking for an Adamant one >.> I have 4 friggin Modest Bagon and none of them have SAtk IVs >.O

    Recommended to have Magikarp for the initial pair because it takes like 30 seconds to hatch with hatching O power level 3 and like 1 minute without it.



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