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  1. Default Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    Honestly i feel bad for valve, especially after they wrote this:
    Valve has to deal with people whining about no updates constantly, and people at valve obviously don't sit around doing nothing, of course they will be working on something. So valve wanted to work and focus on something big, what do they get in return? People who spam meta critic and harass people like cyborgmatt.

    And then this comes:
    pineapple anyone who says valve doesn't care and are lazy and only work on hats, seriously pineapple them.

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    Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    Gib Dortids plx.

    Is it bad that I kind of want a fiasco like this to happen to Nexon?

  3. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    The internet is an awful place sometimes, people behaving so poorly just because of one event.
    It's annoying how whiny the community is though, every single thing that happens is a reason to peach like a brainless moron. Metacritic thing is just pinnacle of stupidity.

  4. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    I still think they could've just said something like "No diretide this year, we're working on a big update!" And people would be like, Oh okay, hype! Similar to the responses now, except without what happened. Maybe they don't have a dedicated PR, but this would be one sentence and people would've been satisfied.

    Not saying it was right for those people to act out like they did, but Valve could've handled it better without much effort. Oh well, moving on.

  5. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    What's this Diretide thingy? A lot of people were whining about it.

  6. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    That's just it though, valve doesn't have a dedicated PR section like that, if you read the valve employee handbook you learn that their work-structure is very fluid, and if everyone were busy with the new updates it's incredibly likely nobody took a step back and thought, hey maybe we should tell them that there wont be a diretide this year.
    Clearly valve should have just announced that, but regardless a part of the community still reacted like babies.

    Halloween event.

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    Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    I really don't feel like Valve should be the one apologizing, because it's the community that forced Valve's hand and made the outcry go outside the community. Also yeah, the whole Metacritic bit was the epitome of full retard. No other fandom/community I've been in threw a tantrum this bad/severe, which is saying a lot. It damages the first impressions of DoTA since Metacritic (while shouldn't be taken 100%, still gives people with no idea about the game if it's worth playing. Because yes, let's shi't on a big review site and make the whole community look like a bunch of extremely whiny pricks just because of no Halloween event.

  8. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    It's hard to expect something different when the community celebrates "trolling"/stupidity so often. For example, when it comes to most casters and big team's players they have a limit but community as a whole doesn't have a brain to distinguish "fun" from idiocy and they just repeat what they see. Except it's not just casters but part of the community itself that makes a joke that not everyone understands/takes for what it is: a joke! Just look at EternalEnvy; people joke about him calling him EE-sama but somehow a part of the community thinks it's serious. However, it's not just the "trolling" but also how mean players and casters are rather often. I don't think the average moron that's on stream chat can tell the difference between a terrible terrible joke and being seriously stupid.
    I'm not saying it's celebrities fault though, because I'd be a hypocrite.

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    Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    While I agree completly on this.
    There's still people out there full of creativity, and those people are very thankful and dedicated. And IMO they're enough of them to overshadow the stupidity.

  10. Default Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    I really wish they would have just said "stop whining, you guys are being unfair" or something of that nature. Only things companies ever do is apologize so it'd be great to see valve be like a stern parent in this situation.

  11. Default Re: Not My Best Work! [Apology from valve]

    I don't know if stern parents work when kids are already spoiled.



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