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  1. Default Should I scroll my permanent pet equips?

    So I have 3 permanent pet equips, each with 10 slots.

    60% pet w.att scrolls (+1 att) are pretty common, and shield/ guardian/ lucky day scrolls are all on sale (in EMS).

    This means I can get each of them to 10 attack relatively easily.


    Innocence scrolls cannot be used on pet items.

    KMS had these premium pet equipment att scrolls ( - search for "premium pet") which give 4-5 att at a 100% rate. I've been holding out for these for a long while. They would give 40-50 att per item (120-150 att overall) vs only 10.

    Do you think Nexon will release them in EMS, or should I take advantage of the current sale and just go for the measly 10 attack each?

  2. Default Should I scroll my permanent pet equips?

    10 att only sounds measly compared to 45, a number you aren't going to see. 30 att is huge and will last a long time. F'ucking go for it.

  3. Default Re: Should I scroll my permanent pet equips?

    Those scrolls have been in the GMS data since Unleashed but I think it's pretty unlikely for us to get them. I would just scroll them now.



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