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  1. Default Pauldron recipes post-RED

    Max's blog said most recipes under level 100 would no longer need to be found, does this extend to include all the Pauldron recipes?

    Because I would sure love to finally get that damned level 100 Diligence medal.

    If not, guess I'm spamming Mystery Recipes till forever...

  2. Default Re: Pauldron recipes post-RED

    No recipes needed for any accessories below 120 (including 120), except for items you'd consider special, I guess, like the Angelic Blessing series, the Crescent Moon/Half Moon PvP equips, etc.

  3. Default Re: Pauldron recipes post-RED

    What about alchemy potions?

  4. Default Re: Pauldron recipes post-RED

    Looks the same to me as it always was. All the major pots, resistance, exp, drop, etc, still require recipes.

    Much like Accessory Crafting, Blacksmithing no longer requires recipes for non-specials (upgraded VL, Empress, etc) equips 120 and under.

  5. Default Re: Pauldron recipes post-RED


    Guess I remembered incorrectly about it being 120 and not 100, and Piece of Times replacing Gallant Emblems?




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