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    Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    As if the Maple 2 dream couldn't be any more dead.

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    Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    But this is Nexon we're talking about

  3. Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    What an extremely depressing thing to walk into. I came here expecting to see news of localization because of all those rumors circulating about, only to find that they decided to say ''screw it'' and turn the game purely into a social one.

    It'll probably still be funner than the Maple we have today, I was actually kind of missing that feeling of social activity I had in the old Maple days, but I was really hoping the game mechanics were tight and bosses were actually more than just hitting buttons like they seemed to be :/. The most depressing of this is that I never really got a chance to experience it before this casualization, so if we even do get it over here, not only are the actual gameplay elements taking a backseat. NoA will charge $ up the ass for stuff Korean players will likely get for free.

    I really wish the game wasn't so influenced by Ping, because it looked like a step in the right direction for Maplestory...and this just makes it feel like there really is nothing you can do in the face of the crippling casualization of games we all used to love and play.

  4. Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    Out of curiosity, what created/s those aspects in a game like Maple in your opinion? Specific Features? Forced co-op? Truly shared maps?

  5. Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    I'm not really sure, but I certainly haven't been able to get that feeling back when I played current Maple. I don't remember when I first started playing Maple(I think it was right before or right after third job was announced/came out?) but there were usually a lot more people around, far more willing to socialize. Some major parts that helped this, although many will probably argue they prefer the current system is the more restricted travel players had. I honestly found I would sometimes spend time going back and fourth from Orbis just because you could always meet awesome people on the boat.

    I'm not saying the old Maple was peach-perfect and that it would survive in todays world, but at the very least Maplestory 2 seems like the social aspect was a huge emphasis in its development. I always told myself that even if Maplestory 2 went down the same Pay2Win-every-class-can-nuke-the-screen-with-2million-lines-of-damage I could at least content myself with the fleshed out social aspects of the game and just ignore the normal part. It is also more appealing to the eyes(at least in my opinion) and as far as the Korean servers go it has quite a nice amount of personalization you can do to your characters....very hard to do that with current Maplestory as more and more NX-cash outfits were locked behind premium gachas, buying permanent NX outfits comes very rarely and at crazy prices..., etc etc.

    I would actually have to seriously give it some long thought on what made Old Maple feel more social to me, it may even be the classic ''nostalgia-goggles'' argument and me growing up has just changed my perception of the community. I do think it is very weird to walk into FM-1 and barely find anyone, for the last few times I've came back from hiatus.

  6. Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    I'd say it was most likely the lack of other decent F2P games to play. Now that there's a glut of options, people are spread out. I play on Reboot and talk to random people all the time, fwiw.

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    Default Re: MapleStory 2, welcome.

    I do agree that the mmo population having limited options was the biggest reason why maple was ever big back then. There's a lot of issues that i tolerated in 2008 maple I'd smack myself for today: (lack of permanent fashion, horrid pricing on XP cards and lack of common quality of life features and the god-awful FM system) I quickly ditched MS for other F2Ps in 2009 for games that werent so heavy handed in their wallet prodding and better customer service.

    I agree that the lack of forced travel is a factor. Rather than make us spend less time actually grinding and stopping to see who you run into along the way, everything is more instant gratification. Honestly, I DO prefer this over the past because i remember how much of a chore it was to make sure i got home early enough to travel to my 2x exp grind spot. Sometimes taking almost an hour to get to if i was in say, Ludibrium needing to get to Jesters in Korean Folk Town.

    Another factor that killed the social element was the dumbing down of PQs/drop in their relevance. Requiring communication often built trust and when you found someone that was competent enough to handle them, you were very likely to buddy them because you wanted people you could reliably do them with as they were more likely to know others who were competent too. I made many friends in the old Ludi Maze PQ that i ended up eventually adding on MSN and such. Once PQs were streamlined and became more about killfests rather than organization (or just stopped being rewarding enough compared to raw grinding). That element for socializing died.

    However what I feel the biggest factor has been for the reduced socializing in the game is simply the internet changing. Back in 2006, social media wasn't as advanced as it is now. Myspace and Facebook were about all we had and if there were others they weren't big enough to impact the gaming community. So for the most part, Maplestory and other MMOs WERE our main form of social media. So most hardcore players socialize ingame as an outlet.

    Fast forward to today; twitter/tumblr lets you yap about games in a convenient format and get doses of art of said games to boot, FB group pages and reddit can be used to organize a guild for a game before anyone even downloads it! Wanna talk to your guild members? Why use all chat in your hangout spot when you guys can just download discord and conveniently voice chat. Why even log in? you can just talk to them there and not have to worry about being interrupted by some outsider. These changes have even hurt the relevance of fan forums such as this and basilmarket: Why bother posting in a place that can get you modded for bashing when you can say whatever the heck you want about it on other social media sites?

    Socializing in game is just a lot less relevant now.

    That said, im exactly the kind of gamer that the new Maple 2 direction appeals to, I've long stopped enjoying MMOs for multiplayer gaming when I can pick up steam games that are pick up and play online with friends and don't require tons of mindless money farming to enjoy content with others, its just an obsolete model for me personally.

    However, MMOs with their persistent world , along with its customizability have a lot of potential for being a fun social experience. the ability to create content and show it off to others and socialize based on that is something that's rarely focused on in an MMO, and its funny because its really the only thing MMOs have to offer that can't be done better anywhere else. If you focus on that, ingame interaction suddenly becomes relevant again because you can't see that fancy house if you're not actually playing and just on discord. Additionally, being able to share off your creations on social media actually turns the tables on them, turning players into free advertisements for your game. An appeal that seeing higher damage numbers onscreen just doesn't have save for already engaged players.

    I think its a good idea to build a persistent MMO on social content and UGC, but i don't think they really needed to sacrifice challenge to change their focus. Just give bosses multiple difficulties and call it a day if anything.



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